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A Kids Herb Book, by Lesley Tierra
The growth of the natural health, alternative medicine and herbal markets is phenomenal. Myriads of ..
Based on 2 reviews.
Biomagnetic and Herbal Therapy, by Michael Tierra
Magnetic energy is the structural force of the universe. Explore the healing influence of magnets fo..
Botany in a Day, by Thomas J. Elpel
We highly recommend this book to all our herb course students. This wonderful book is easy to unders..
Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine, Vol I, by Michael and Lesley Tierra
As a student of herbology you will appreciate the knowledge and outstanding value this book offers. ..
$22.95 $19.51
Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine, Vol. I and II, by Michael and Lesley Tierra
As a student of herbology you will appreciate the knowledge and outstanding value these two volumes ..
$48.00 $38.40
Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine, Volume II, by Michael and Lesley Tierra
The second volume, Materia Medica and Herbal Reference, has been organized and developed to make Chi..
$24.95 $19.96
Free Land, Free Love, Tales of a Wilderness Commune
A gathering of voices from a 60' s wilderness commune, these stories resonate today as a wild untold..
Healing with the Herbs of Life by Lesley Tierra
Healing with the Herbs of Life, is one our most popular herb books. Taking two years to update, revi..
Herbal Medicine From the Heart of the Earth, by Sharol Tilgner
This is the best recently published book on Naturopathic Herbal Medicine that is in print. Dr. Sharo..
$29.95 $26.96
Herbal Tarot Deck & Spirit of Herbs Companion Book - Set
The Herbal Tarot Deck with companion book, Spirit of Herbs. Set co-authored by Michael Tierra and Ca..
Legal Guidelines for Unlicensed Practitioners, by Dr. Lawrence W
This is a practical guide designed for any practitioner (including licensed ones) to help avoid lega..
Medical Herbalism (Hardcover), by David Hoffmann
Medical Herbalism: The Science Principles and Practices Of Herbal Medicine, by David Hoffmann Reco..
$60.00 $48.00
Metaphor-phosis by Lesley Tierra
METAPHOR-PHOSIS: HERE’S LESLEY’S GIFT OF THANKS TO YOU:   Priced at $17.99, Metaphor-phosis has 25..
$17.99 $13.49
Nature of the Heart by Jack Adam Weber, L.Ac.
From the Introduction: When not dealt with, past hurts become disenfranchised aspects of ourselves,..
Planetary Herbology, by Michael Tierra
This practical book and reference guide is a landmark publication in this field. For unprecedented u..
Spirit of Herbs
The Spirit of Herbs: A Guide to the Herbal Tarot: This fascinating and complete guide to the Herbal ..
The Book of Jook, by Bob Flaws
The Book of Jook: Chinese Medicinal Porridges--A Healthy Alternative to the Typical Western Breakfas..
$19.95 $17.96
The Herbal Medicine Maker's Handbook, by James Green, Herbal
This book has gone from being a small, thin booklet to an ambitious work of art. It describes in tho..
The Herbal Tarot, by Michael Tierra
Conceived and created by Michael Tierra and designed by Candis Cantin, this unique and beautiful tar..
The Tao of Nutrition, by Maoshing Ni, Ph.D., with Cathy McNease,
This book shows how to take control of one' s eating habits. It includes principles of Chinese nutri..
The Way of Chinese Herbs, by Michael Tierra
The Way of Chinese Herbs is a wonderful, easy to follow and highly informative book. Michael writes ..
$30.95 $24.76
The Way of Herbs, by Michael Tierra
The revised version of The Way of Herbs. The new fully updated version has the latest developments i..
Treating Cancer with Herbs by Michael Tierra
In this book, Dr. Tierra provides a complete, systematic approach to treating cancer from a holistic..
$27.95 $22.36
Yoga of Herbs, An Ayurvedic Guide to Herbal Medicine, by Dr. Vas
This book offers a detailed understanding and classification of herbs, utilizing the ancient system ..
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