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Mo Horner

Degrees and Titles: RH (AHG)
Business Name: Natural Healing Omaha
Street: 316 North 115th Street
City: Omaha
State: NE
Country: United States
Postcode: 68154
Phone: 402-933-6444
"I never set out to make a career of herbal medicine. Until 10 years ago, it never occurred to me that my kitchen or back yard could be loaded with healthy, natural medicine.That was before a July afternoon visit to the doctor changed everything.

In 2003, I was recovering from surgeries, chemo and radiation treatments for stage II breast cancer when it dawned on me that there was really no recovery plan. So I went looking for resources to create my own.

A few weeks after an appointment with a naturopath, my chronic stomach pain and lifelong fibromyalgia symptoms were 80% better,

Located in: EWCH

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Of the many herbal training programs I have seen, I consider the East West Herb Course to be one of the best introductions to the world of clinical herbal medicine currently available.
Roy Upton, AHG, editor American Herbal Pharmacopoeia and Vice-President American Herbalists Guild

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