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The East West School of Herbology East West Clinical Herbalist (E.W.C.H.) Program is specific for those desiring to pursue a career as a clinical herbalist. It acknowledges the expertise and experience of our East West clinical herbalists and carries the endorsement of Michael and Lesley Tierra. This program takes three or more years to complete and offers special benefits and privileges. Prospective EWCH candidates can enroll in the Professional Herbalist Course first, and at a later date state intentions for the EWCH program.


  • The Professional Herbalist Course
  • The Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced tracks of the East West Seminar
  • 400 minimum clinical hours (includes supervised hours)
  • Presentation of three hour-long chatroom studies covering the following topics: 1) A case study, 2) A clinical plant monograh and 3) a specific disease treatment
  • Attend 18 chats (or webinars)/year on the student forum for three years (a total of 54 chats) (recommended, but not required).
  • Take and pass 12 online quizzes/year for three years (a total of 36 passed quizzes) Note: The chats, webinars and quizzes are strongly recommended, but not a requirement at this time.
  • Anatomy and Physiology* (from an approved school or our East West A&P Course)
  • Pathology and Disease* (from an approved school or our East West P&D Course)
  • Highly recommended, but optional: Body therapy education

Because so many of our graduates become effective, valuable and successful herbalists, we now offer a clinical herbalist program. This special certification acknowledges the expertise and experience of our East West clinical herbalists and offers special benefits and privileges.

*While we offer these courses through distance learning, you may also take them at an approved college or university and present us with your transcript or a certificate of completion.

Michael Tierra and Christopher Hobbs
East West School of Planetary Herbology instructor and founder Christopher Hobbs
& Michael Tierra. Learn more about Christopher on his website.

The 400 Clinical Hours

The 400 clinical hours are supervised hours based on your own clients and cases under approved East West School E.W.C.H. mentors. This requirement is based on a MINIMUM of 400 hours as it may take more than 400 hours to meet our approval requirements. While there are no hour requirements for mentoring, the completion of this requirement is based upon demonstration of expertise as determined by the approved teachers, mentors and directors of the East West School of Planetary Herbology. Mentor hours can commence after completion of the 36 Lesson Professional Course and attendance at two of the three required seminars. Many of our E.W.C.H. candidates satisfy the clinical hours requirement by submitting case studies to their mentor via email, followed by scheduled sessions via skype and/or telephone.

Body Therapy education

We strongly encourage our students to attend body therapy seminars or earn a certificate of completion from an approved program of study in massage (shiatsu, tui na, Swedish), acupressure, chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy or other physical body work program. Body therapy offers many invaluable tools to the herbalist.

Benefits and Privileges

  • Free advertising and promotion of your clinical practice on our website
  • Free referral to your clinical practice
  • Lifetime access to our Learning Center for on-going support with other East West practitioners
  • Lifetime access to the Graduate Learning Center
  • Discounts on Planetary Formulas
  • AHG Professional Membership letter of recommendation.

Advertising and promotion of your clinical practice: On our website we will post photos of yourself and clinic along with a detailed description of your biography, practice and services offered. This provides free advertising for your clinic as well as a referral service for clients.

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Those interested in the East West Clinical Herbalist (EWCH) Program, please CONTACT US. You can also enroll in the Professional Herbalist Course now and state your intentions for the E.W.C.H. program at a later date. Enrollment in the Professional Herbalist Course is the first step in the E.W.C.H. program.

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Of the many herbal training programs I have seen, I consider the East West Herb Course to be one of the best introductions to the world of clinical herbal medicine currently available.
Roy Upton, AHG, editor American Herbal Pharmacopoeia and Vice-President American Herbalists Guild

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