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Planetary News

Written by
to our students already enrolled
in the East West Professional Herb Course:




We have completed ALL NEW Section I, Lessons 1-12, and Section III, Lessons 31-36!

Three people and thirteen months of intense, diligent work have yielded the most comprehensive herb course yet -- not only for East West, but for any herb course now available. WE HAVE ACTUALLY OUTDONE OURSELVES!

We took half of the professional course, Lessons 1-12 and 31-36 (all but the materia medica) and revised, reformatted and edited the material and added lots of new information. Sections I and III are now highly accessible, incredibly well-organized and laid-out, and its material is more thoroughly explained than ever before. The last edit of the course was in 2004 and not nearly so extensive.

Now everything you've ever wanted, wished for and more
is included in the East West Herb Course!

Each lesson now has:

  1. Large margins so you can easily add your own notes to each page
  2. Material divided into sections that are clearly outlined and understood
  3. Boxes with special information, personal stories, clinical insights and interesting tidbits
  4. Definition of odd and unusual terms
  5. An outline with page numbers so you can quickly find the section you want
  6. Lesson objectives and study tips
  7. Suggested companion reading material to enhance your learning
  8. Charts and tables for easy reference
  9. Details of many of Michael's Planetary Formulas

Further, we have added additional material, such as:

  1. Plant chemistry
  2. ALL TEN Traditional Chinese Medicine pattern discrimination systems with their comparisons and distinctions
  3. Specific case studies
  4. Food sources for vitamins and minerals
  5. Panchakarma therapies
  6. More definitive Ayurvedic teachings
  7. More Ayurvedic herbs and formulas
  8. Extensive diagnostic tools such as those for stool, urine, discharge, abdominal and ear diagnoses
  9. Magnet therapy
  10. Major and alternative formula and herbal treatment choices -- Chinese, Western and Ayurvedic -- for both patterns and specific conditions
  11. Guest author material from David Winston and Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa
  12. An index of commonly used formulas not included in OB2 (Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine Volume II) by Michael and Lesley -- including their herbal contents and uses
  13. Dui Yao (two-herb) formulation


Section I: p. 9-28

Section III: p. 35-44 and p. 34-25/26

Just to give you an idea of how much material we've added, Section I is now as large as Section III -- it is almost double the information provided than before!!!

And if that is not enough,
all three sections of the course are now COIL BOUND!

That means no more weights to hold the books open, loose pages from industrious studying or broken bindings from diligent use. The coil bindings are color coded per section, allow the book to lay flat and securely hold the pages together. Plus, they look great!

The new Sections I and III are now available for you to own and use!

Purchase one or both sections (latter is highly recommended) and replace your current material to receive the most up-to-date information and teachings from the Tierras. Don't pass up this incredible opportunity to enhance your study!!!

Our special price to enrolled East West students only*:

Individual Section I or Section III: $224.99 each

Sections I and III together: $299.99 -- 33% OFF!!!


Or if you wish to purchase all three sections in coil-bound format,
you may replace your current course books for $399.99!


If you enrolled after March 1, 2011, or are a graduate of the East West School, 
your price is even lower!

Individual Section I or Section III: $149.99

Sections I and III together: $199.99 -- save 33%!

All three sections: $299.99


* This special offer is only available to students currently or previously enrolled in the East West School who are replacing their present course material with an upgrade to the newer edition. Students who enrolled July 16, 2011 or after have already received the new course. Payment plan options are available, email for more info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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