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Tonic Herb Theory for the Western Herbalist Written by Anne de Courtenay
A History of Herbalism for Herbalists, Part 1: How the Arabs Saved Greek Sciences Written by Anne de Courtenay
Treatment of a Difficult Case of Psoriasis Written by Michael Tierra
Case Study on the Changing Nature of Externally Contracted Diseases Written by Super User
Stage C Prostate Cancer Written by Anne de Courtenay
Narcolepsy Written by Super User
HEPATITIS C: The 'Phantom virus' and Hepatitis C Cases Successfully Treated with Herbs and Diet Written by Super User
Case history: 50 year-old male with hepatitis C and auto immune hepatitis Written by Super User
A Selection of Four Case Histories from the East West Clinic Written by Super User
Brief History and Culture of Tobacco Written by Super User
Yorubic Medicine: The Art of divine Herbology Written by Super User
Upper Respiratory System Written by Super User
A Comparison of the Spleen between Chinese and Western Medicines Written by Super User
Herb-Drug Contraindications Written by Beau
Wood: the Liver and Gall Bladder Written by Beau
The Five Stagnations Written by Beau
The Chinese Five Elements Written by Beau
Psychospiritual aspects of Herbal Medicine Written by Beau
Phytoestrogens Written by Beau
Notes on Herb-Drug and Herb-Herb Contraindications Written by Beau
Integrating the Traditional Chinese Theory and Treatment of the Lungs with that of Western Physiology Written by Beau
Integrating the Traditional Chinese Understanding of the Kidneys into Western Herbalism Written by Beau
Divergent Meridian Points Written by Beau
Comparing the Liver According to Traditional Chinese and Western Scientifc Physiology Written by Beau
Chinese Herbalism in America Written by Beau
Ayurveda: The Mother of Natural Healing Written by Beau
A Comparison of the Spleen Between Chinese and Western Medicines Written by Beau
Topical Uses for Cannabis sativa L. Written by Anne de Courtenay
Herbal Proving: Lemon Balm, Melissa Officinalis Written by Anne de Courtenay
Guggul: An Herbal Preparation with Many Health-giving Uses Written by Anne de Courtenay
Herbal Proving: English Ivy, Hedera helix Written by Holly Nielsen
Herbal Proving: Snapdragon Skullcap Scutellaria antirrhinoides Written by Holly Nielsen
What about the Preparation of Herbs Written by Beau
Viola Herb (Zi Hua Di Ding, Herba Violae) Written by Beau
Treating Depression with St. John's Wort Written by Beau
Three Commonly Used Herbs of Croatia Written by Beau
The Wonders of Triphala Written by Beau
The Emmenagogues Written by Beau
Rhodiola Rosea Written by Beau
Nigella Sativa Written by Beau
Near Forgotten Remedies Written by Beau
Mullein (Verbascum Thapsus) Scrophulariaceae Family Written by Beau
Marijuana Use and Abuse Written by Beau
Loquat Leaf, Fruit and Seed Written by Beau
Kava: Powerful Anti-Stress Herb Written by Beau
Is Soy Richer in Isoflavones? Written by Beau
How to Cook a Chinese Herbal Formula Written by Beau
Ginseng: The Effect of Steaming Written by Beau
Garlic Butter Better for Preventing Heart Attacks Written by Beau
Flowers as Medicine Written by Beau
Elder (Sambucus nigra) Written by Beau
Contemporary History of the Escharotic Black Salve Written by Beau
Butterbur Written by Beau
Assembling an Herbal First Aid Kit Written by Beau
Ashwagandha: Wonder Herb of India Written by Beau
Asafoetida Written by Beau
Jade Screen: Traditional Chinese formula to Strengthen the Immune System Written by Super User
Albizia: The Tree of Happiness Written by Anne de Courtenay
Dietary and Herbal Tips for Pregnancy Written by Michael Tierra
European Phytotherapy: Some Selected Herbs and Suppliments Written by Super User
Why Standardized Herbal Extracts? Written by Beau
MD Hysteria Against Herbs Reaches Epidemic Proportions: Threatens Nation's Health Written by Beau
The Role of Islamic Scholarship in Preserving and Developing Western Medicine During the Medieval Period: The Roots of Planetary Herbology Written by Anne de Courtenay
Traditional Western Herbal Medicine Written by Beau
What is Eclecticism? Written by Beau
The Herbal Tradition Written by Beau
Summary of Traditional Eclectic Organ Affinity Botanicals Written by Beau
Jim Duke's Brief History of Medicine (humor) Written by Beau
Herbal Medicine in Shakespeare's England Written by Beau
Book Review: Chinese Herbal Medicines: Comparisons and Characteristics Written by Beau
Weeds as Medicine, Weeds as Food Written by Beau
Chyawanprash Written by Beau
Blackberry Wine Written by Beau
Free Land: Free Love: Tales of a Wilderness Commune Written by Beau
Creating a Legal Profession Written by Super User
What Exactly Are Ferment Metabolites? Written by Michael Tierra
Our First Food, Protein: Kinds of Protein, How Our Bodies Use It, and How Much We Need Written by Beau
Increase Vitality and Productivity With Some Simple Food Tips Written by Beau
Basic Fat-Burning Soup and Seven-Day Diet Program Written by Beau
Kichari: The Food of the Gods Written by Super User
Hara Diagnosis (Abdominal palpation) Written by Beau
Fukushin: Japanese Abdominal Diagnosis Written by Beau
A Comparative Evaluation of Diagnostic Systems used in Herbal Medicine Written by Beau
Guidelines for Formulating a TCM Diagnosis Written by Super User
Whooping Cough - Notes from 5/29/12 Webinar Written by Jill
Hypothyroidism - Candida - Obesity: The Same Condition? Written by Super User
DIABETES MELLITUS The TCM approach to treatment Written by Super User
Planetary Formulas and Herbs for the Nervous System Written by Beau
Treatment Protocol for Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.) Written by Beau
Counteracting the Adverse Side Effects of Glucocorticoid Hormones with Chinese Herbs and Formulas Written by Beau
Chinese Massage Therapy Techniques: An Overview Written by Beau
Biomagnetic and Herbal Therapy Written by Beau
Treating Hepatitis C with Herbs Written by Beau
TCM Treatment of Jaundice Written by Beau
How To Do A Liver Flush Written by Beau
Ayurvedic Treatment of Insomnia Written by Beau
Chinese Herbs for Peyronie's Disease Written by Beau
Ayurveda and Family Planning Written by Beau
Treating the Common Cold with Herbs Written by Beau
Thoughts on the Use of Escharotic Pastes for the Treatment of Cancer Written by Beau
Moxibustion and Cancer Written by Beau
The Seven Principles of Huna Written by Beau
Dr. Miriam Lee's Soup Recipes for Cancer, Anemia and Hypertension Written by Beau
Alternative Therapies for Breast Cancer Written by Beau
Ayurvedic Treatment of Cancer Written by Beau
Barefoot Doctor Healing Techniques Written by Beau
Herbal Treatment of Arthritis and Rheumatic Pains Written by Beau
Ankylosing Spondylitis Written by Beau
Herbs for Spring Allergies Written by Beau
Herbal Treatment for AIDS Using Planetary Formulas Written by Beau
Research Progress in the Prevention and the Treatment for Endotoxic Diseases with Traditional Chinese Medicine Written by Beau
Treating Dupuytren's Disease with Vitamin E Written by Beau
Treating Staph Infections Including MRSA with Echinacea Written by Super User
Acupuncture Treatment Questions (FAQ) Written by Anne de Courtenay
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