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What is this track?

This track is a hands-on experiential series of classes that emphasizes medicine making and preparations along with meridian therapies, tools, and techniques. Previous experience with TCM study is STRONGLY recommended for those attending this track. 


Who should take the Medicine Making & Meridian Therapy Track?

It is especially useful for those who have completed the Foundation or Intermediate Tracks of the East West Seminar who aren’t prepared yet or ready to participate in their next tracks. As well, those who have completed the Advanced Track of the seminar and are preparing for the EWCH program will find this track a perfect adjunct to their practice by increasing skills for preparing medicines and learning therapies to assist their herbal treatments. It is also perfect for practitioners who desire to hone or augment their current tool set. This track is NOT recommended for those who have little to no Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) experience/study.


Why would I take the Medicine Making & Meridian Therapy Track instead of the Foundation Track?

The Medicine Making & Body Therapy Track is NOT a substitute for the Foundation Track as they cover very different material. Anyone desiring to learn herbal medicine should take the Foundation Track as this teaches an energetic model for assessing illness and client conditions along with the energetics of herbs and how to use them accordingly.This track is NOT recommended for those who have little to no Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) experience/study.


What does the Medicine Making & Meridian Therapy Track teach?

This track includes specialty classes with special guest teachers along with the following:


Medicine Making and Meridian Therapy

Medicine making classes cover a range of Western, Chinese, and Ayruvedic preparations along with the legalities and parameters of GMP’s (General Manufacturing Practices) so the participant can apply what is leaned not only for home and private practice but also to manufacture and sell products.


Meridian Therapy teaches the twelve meridians along with various points and manipulations through a variety of tools and techniques. It is a perfect adjunct teaching for the herbalist as it provides accessory therapies that dovetail beautifully with herbs to help people heal.  And of course as you learn these techniques, you get to experience them, too!


Topics include:

    • Channnel massage and meridian pathways
    • Location and detail of the 12 acupuncture meridians
    • Acupuncture points to know and use
    • Hand and foot reflexology
    • Advanced Barefoot doctor techniques, including magnets
    • Advanced herbal decoctions and preservation
    • Svarasa, churna, avaleha, draksharishta, and oils
    • Advanced Tinctures: the percolation method
    • GMP regulations
    • Dried powdered extracts, electuaries and oxymels
    • Herbal beers & meads
    • Ear seeding
    • Wildcrafting herb walk
    • Fermented herbal jams and sauerkrauts
    • Chinese Pao Zhi preparations
    • Herbal steams, teaoukksm fkyud extracts
    • Ayurvedic oils, deep decoctions


Legalities & Disclaimer

The Medicine Making & Meridian Therapy Track contains periodic modalities that touch the body. Students who participate in this track acknowledge and agree to be physically touched as well as to physically touch other students. Further, students in this track realize that the authority to physically touch others in a therapeutic session may fall under the purview of licensure in their own states. The East West School of Planetary Herbology assumes no responsibility for any types of injuries incurred while participating in the East West Seminar, including but not limited to bruises, burns, scratches, indentations, embarrassment, and other physical or emotional markings.

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