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Practitioner Seminar: April 22-24th, < 2017 and the New Track: Western Medicine for Clinical Herbalists, April 23-25th, 2017

Practitioner Seminar: begins Sat, April 22 - registration from 9 - 9:30 AM; ends Mon, April 24 at 9:30 PM. Practitioner Track: $340 ($299 if registered by 1/31/17)

Western Medicine for Herbalists Track: begins Sunday, April 23 at 9:30 am; ends Tuesday, April 25 at 5:30 pm. WMHT: $340.

Combo Practitioner & Western Medicine Tracks: (4 days): $425 ($399 if registered by 1/31/17)

Both tracks are offered to East West Graduates* who have attended the Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced tracks and to qualified health practitioners (pending CEUs for Acupuncturists).  Our distinguished teachers include:


This year our hot topics are: Andrew Ellis, Pao Zhi and Traumatology (Saturday) 

Michael Tierra on Western and Chinese Physiological Connections (Sunday morning)

Andrew Ellis on Dermatology (Sunday afternoon)

Lesley Tierra on Urine Diagnosis (Sunday Evening) 

Roy Upton on Gynecology (Monday eve).

This track is open to practitioners & graduates. Taught April 23-25, 2017 (Sunday-Tuesday) by Ingrid Bauer, M.D., with Michael Tierra, O.M.D.and Lesley Tierra, L.Ac., this 3-day track covers:
1. Dermatology (taught by Andrew Ellis)
2. Western/TCM physiology connections: How TCM patterns describe
Western physiological processes such as mitochondria is Spleen Qi
3. Western/TCM urine diagnosis: meanings of frequency, color, bubbles,
clarity, odor, taste, etc., of urine
4. Western/TCM blood tests: learn the basic labs most patients get
from a standard Western MD and correlate to TCM patterns.
5. Western medical exams: vital signs, temperature, heart
rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, oxygenation,
mental states (alertness, drowsy, respond only to pain,
etc.), whole body pulse diagnosis, venous insufficiency
6. Western charting: how to write notes so physicians will
listen including SOAP notes and referral letters
7. Preventive care: What screening tests should your
clients get and why (such as mammograms, paps,
colonoscopy, and prostate cancer screening)

EFREM KORNGOLD & HARRIET BEINFIELD: Between Heaven and Earth - Five Element
Diagnosis and Treatment #
KARTA PURKH KHALSA & MICHAEL TIERRA: Ayurveda for Practitioners
SHASTA TIERRA: Mastering Thyroid Issues
ROBERT CAMPBELL: The Liver and Treatment of Connective Tissue Diseases

Practitioner and WMFHT Seminar & Accommodation fees:

Accommodation Options at Quaker Center for the Three & Four Day Seminars (Practitioner, Western Medicine for Clinical Herbalists):

_____ Practitioner Camping & Board (4 nights) Fri eve - Tues am + 11 meals: $275
_____ Western Medicine for Clinical Herbalists Camping & Board (3 nights) Sat eve. - Tues eve + 10 meals: $215
_____ Combo Practitioner & Western Medicine Camping & Board (5 nights) Fri eve-Wed am + 14 meals: $355

NOTE: Room & Board option may be available if staying onsite for all 7 days and 21 meals: $595

Reserve your space ONLINE or Call: 800-717-5010 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to register.

*East West School graduates can also make arrangements to stay and attend classes (from Foundation and Intermediate tracks) after

the Practitioner weekend ends. Practitioner attendees that stay onsite for the rest of the seminar may choose these classes from

Foundation and Intermediate tracks, but NOT from the Medicine Making Meridian Therapy Track.



The East West 2016 Seminar was generously sponsored
by our friends at Mountain Rose Herbs!

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