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Roger Martin in China with Michael and Lesley Tierra.

First of all, being an Earth Rat (Jan. 1949) and with Indian Summer approaching, I want to thank GOD for the harvest that I'm about to receive. Whether it be herbs, vegetables or just witnessing the FALL foliage (God's bouquet to us). Secondly, I wish to acknowledge with honor and humility, my gratitude towards Michael, Lesley, all the educators and my fellow students for being part of this extraordinary worldwide herbal community.

My life as a sprouting herbalist came about gradually through experiences, experimentation and reading mostly Western herbal books, such as Back To Eden. Some experiences were: 1. Chewing on a birch twig at age 5, on a hot summer day, with my aunt. 2. After graduating high school, while doing missionary work near Cuzco, Peru, I was introduced to coca to alleviate altitude sickness and to suppress my appetite. 3. After joining the Ironworkers Union (which eventually gave the the opportunity to pursue my dreams of becoming a traveling herbalist( I researched that skyscrapers were designed around 1880 from the veins of plant leaves and branches. 4. During the Vietnam Era, while in the Air Force near Phoenix, Arizona, I participated as a guest in an Apache ceremony called Willow Wind with a peyote gruel being passed around.

In 1973 I had a vivid dream that cancer and diabetes could be eradicated using herbs, food, exercise, etc.. I began to read about herbs and folk remedies, while experimenting with various herbs, mushrooms, etc.., both legal and otherwise.

After going to college for Mandarin Chinese, around 1994, I was given a gift basket full of homemade herbal preparations (tinctures, salves, etc..). I was so impressed that I wanted to know more, but, it would take another 13 years before I started diligently searching for an herbal correspondence school.

In 2008, I enrolled in the East West course because of my Chinese education and the TCM approach to well-being, in conjunction with Ayurvedic and Western phytomedica. In May 2016, I traveled to China with Michael, Lesley and 27 other acupuncturists, teachers, etc. This was an experience and insight into TCM, along with friendship that is rooted in my heart.

I'm preparing to return to Beijing to have my hip repaired for 3 months, while also looking forward to graduating in the next 2 years.

In conclusion to an herbal thought: GOD used a source of higher consciousness with the sun, to formulate plant life. So, when I'm using herbs and plants I'm experiencing the reverse flow back to a higher consciousness -- A Bio-Sacred event.

I have always been interested in food as medicine and started to explore herbs as a way of healing when my oldest dog was diagnosed with invertebral disc disease as well as a heart murmur at age 5.  Today at over 13 years old she is not on any medication and the cardiologist is amazed at how healthy her heart is.  I attribute this to the healing power of herbs.
Last year I decided to take action and further my knowledge.  I researched every school listed on the American Herbalist Guild website and chose East West because I felt they would provide the most comprehensive and complete education giving me the foundation and training needed to reach my goal of becoming a clinical herbalist and eventually a registered herbalist with the AHG.  My studies began in November 2016 and I attended my first seminar in April 2017. It was life-changing and reaffirmed to me that I am on the right path.  I came away with a feeling of pure joy and gratitude.  I found my tribe!  My dream is to own an herbal shop and help heal the world. 
I live with my husband and three dogs in Minnesota. I enjoy reading, hiking and being outside where I feel I am working my way to God.  I used to say I want to live in Tibet, sit on a mountain and talk with God all day.  One day I realized I AM Tibet and communing with plants and animals in nature is a gateway to that higher vibration.   In addition to herbs, my interests include holistic health, veganism, essential oils, yoga, reiki, meditation, animal and human welfare, and peace.  I am all about energy, intuition, and vibration.  I want to raise it up, ignite chakras, help heal the world from the inside, shine bright and grow my soul.  I am grateful.

My name is Joe Granger and I am a third-year student at East West.  I am thankful to be acknowledged as student of the month amongst our network of talented healers. 

I found East West at a very interesting time in my life.  After graduating from high school, I knew that I had no business in a stuffy classroom. I moved to a small town at the foothills of Cascade Mountains in beautiful Washington state to attend a wilderness skills college. I learned a lot of fascinating and inspiring things like outdoor survival and wildlife tracking, but as some of you may guess, I really enjoyed learning about the herbs.  I still remember very well my first experience with some friends on a several-day-long hike. My friend cut his foot in a river and the next day he had an infection. We pulled out the infection in half a day with three changes of fresh yarrow poultice. Amazing!

It’s an honor connecting people in need to the healing wisdom long shared by our ancestors and empowering communities to take control of their health and return to nature. I recently moved to northern Virginia from College Park, Maryland, where I was working at a wonderful and cozy herb shop called Smile. I lived on location and was the personal grounds keeper of a beautiful herb garden and was fortunate enough to receive some tutelage from the shops founder, Mr. Tom Wolfe. Now I am working on opening an herb shop in a market with a partner of mine. Very exciting times.

After graduating from the East West program, I want to study acupuncture in hopes of making a well-rounded practice for myself as a healer. 

I hope all of my East West herb friends reading this are doing well and I want to also say thanks to the great East West staff who inspire us and spend so much time molding us into fine herbalists.

I can't wait to see you all at the seminar this April!

This July I am thrilled to be celebrating my third year as a part of the East West School Community where I plan to be a life-long-learner of Planetary Herbology. It makes me so happy to say I finally feel at home in this network of healers at East West. I have always been right at home in nature thanks to many generations of plant lovers in my family; now it is so special to share that with the kindred spirits here. Growing up my favorite time was always in the garden with my family, or deep in a remedy book enchanted with my grandmother's handwriting.

I know it's my life’s purpose to protect the legacy of these and all plant-lovers, and I couldn’t be more thankful to be here at this time and place. My life’s work is cultivating plants, and the relationships we have with them. My ultimate goal is to facilitate the connection between people and the plants they love for the highest good of both! Thanks to all of you East West Family, looking forward to many more years experiencing the joy of learning Planetary Herbology with you!

Without a doubt, herbalism became my life’s path.  I am driven to understand the power of plants and their healing energy. My name is Bethany Chappell, herbalist and owner of Herbal Health Omaha. I am blessed to be an apprentice under East West graduate and teacher Nicholas Schnell, who is owner and founder of the Four Winds Natural Healing Center in Omaha, NE.  

To be where I am today, I first had to become the patient who needed healing.  I was residing in Seoul, South Korea with my husband and three children when I unexpectedly became ill.  Since I was unable to receive a proper diagnosis or hope of regaining wellness by Western medical doctors, my journey led me to a reputable Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor.  By pressing deeply on my abdomen, feeling my skin, reading my body language and taking my pulse, my TCM doctor assembled a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan.  I was then sent home with two boxes of decocted herbal tea drinks.  Within a few short weeks, I noticed a glowing vibrance to my skin and a vitality that surged life throughout my body.  This healing awakened my desire to learn and understand the power of herbs.

Shortly after my health improved, my family and I moved to Omaha, NE.  I started working at the Four Winds Natural Healing Center as an office associate and herbal technician where many difficult clinical cases were presented on a daily basis.  In addition to my studies, this training allowed me to develop and grow as a student of herbalism.  My journey into solving the mysteries of my body enabled me to help my family and community down this path as well.​

I am originally from a small town in Calaveras county California, which is in the foothills and upward into the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains.  I knew since I was a child that I wanted to live on the coast.  Thirteen years ago I discovered Humboldt County, where I immediately felt at home and still live today.
I grew up around gardening.  My mother and grandmother were and still are passionate about outdoor gardening and landscaping.  I always loved working in the garden with them.  I began to discover herbalism around age 14.  There was not much in the way of natural healing modalities where I lived, so I mostly exposed myself to it by reading books.  After moving to Humboldt, I discovered herb shops and apothecary stores.  After Western medicine failed me on more than one occasion I started experimenting on myself with tea blends and tinctures for my anxiety and other health issues I had, and found herbs to be very effective.  I was first exposed to TCM by seeing an acupuncturist, who I will still say to this day saved my life.  I began wanting to attend an herbal studies program to become an herbalist, but finances and my work schedule would not allow me to.
I went to college and became a certified addiction counselor about 5 years ago.  I continued to study herbs, diet and lifestyle changes on my own time.  I began to think about how herbal medicine and diet changed my life and how others would often come to me for advice about herbs and dietary changes, and about how I could possibly integrate these two worlds.  I had discovered the East West program about 5 years ago, but did not know how I would pay for it.  One day, I decided I was going to make this happen.  I was going to find a way to do the East West program so I could help people heal from addiction and other health problems with herbal medicine, food and lifestyle change, no matter what their income is.  I started a Gofundme page, and here I am.  I started the program in March of 2016 and am about two thirds of the way done.  I recently decided to work towards my masters to become a licensed therapist, to one day open my own practice/wellness center where people from all walks of life can come to get help.    
When I am not working or studying, I enjoy hikes on the coast or in the redwoods, gardening, and making herbal formulas for friends and family.   

I am an herbalist and doula in Moab, Utah, USA. I have a store-front apothecary and product line called Sundial Medicinals, which I retail and wholesale throughout the Four Corners region.  I grow over 50 herbal varieties in my garden, most of them for use in the apothecary. My work days are usually spent making medicine, tending the garden, seeing clients, and occasionally running out to help a laboring mom. Women’s health is a large focus of my studies and practice as an herbalist.

My herbal education has been eclectic and largely self-directed. My grandmother is an herbalist and astrologer, so my sister and I grew up using her tinctures and absorbing her wisdom. My parents have also been fierce advocates of good nutrition and natural medicines.

I came to herbalism from being a plant person; farming vegetables and studying ecology were early interests. I began my formal herbal education as an apprentice in 2008. In 2011, I attended Herb Pharm’s internship program that included hands-on cultivation of herbs as well as lessons with a variety of herbalists in southern Oregon. In 2012, I first attended an annual conference on Western herbalism in my region and have made the sojourn every year since. I began the East West program in 2014 and I’m headed to my second seminar in April 2017.  In addition, being largely self-taught, I continue to build a wide-ranging and extensive library in order to further my education.

My passion lies in the universal pattern language, which I believe can serve to inform and inspire clients and further coalesce the herbalist community. To this end, my studies and practice often employ many different lenses, as my teachers have come from an array of backgrounds:  TCM, Ayurveda, Vitalism, Greek Humours, and Western energetics, to name a few! This year I am looking forward to spending more time consulting clients, specifically focusing on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnostics, continuing to build Sundial Medicinals and my doula practice, and experimenting with new formulas and extraction processes.

Website:  SundialMedicinals.com

I am originally from Evansville, IN, and I am currently planting roots in the Louisville, KY, area. My passion for healing herbal products started in my early childhood years where I would mix different flowers into lotions and soaps innately. As I grew older, I continued to be curious about how to make lotions and other natural/herbal products. Later in life I had several health issues and was led down the herbal lifestyle, which helped to resolve issues that Western medicine could not.

I started my education with a degree in cosmetology in 2002. I moved on to Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 2013 to earn a Bachelors of Arts in general studio art (focus in ceramics and glass) with a minor in psychology. I attained my Masters of Education in counseling and personal services with a concentration in art therapy degree from the University of Louisville in 2015. I had the pleasure of starting my herbal education at East West back in May of 2015 as I was finishing my M.Ed.

I take a holistic theoretical approach while using different therapy techniques and healing for the whole person -- mind, body, and spirit. I look at my style of therapy more as life guidance and healing work as I am helping people understand and heal themselves, and tap into their true potential and life purpose. I am an energy and spiritual worker using Usui Reiki techniques and Earth Angel Realm readings.  I also utilize EMDR, MBTI assessment, and several other tools when useful to the person. I run a business, www.amberds.com, where I make herbal and aromatherapy products for local businesses and clients. I work with teens and adults treating disorders from, but not limited to, trauma, depression, anger issues, behavioral issues, autism, relationship issues, and substance abuse. Services for adults and teens are provided in the community (hiking, walking, YMCA, etc.) or in office.

I enjoy anything outdoors and with animals! I especially love hiking and gardening, dancing and singing, biking, ceramics, blowing glass, drawing, painting, reading, learning, yoga, making herbal products, spiritual practice, mediation, laughing, astrology, and other healing modalities.

I currently reside in Pittsburgh, PA, where I was born and raised. Growing up, my mother treated our family’s health issues with herbal and food remedies. Like many people, I became interested in learning about natural medicine in depth when Western medicine failed me. Several years ago, antibiotics stopped working for my frequent urinary tract infections. Herbs ultimately cured my last UTI, and prevented me from having another one since. It was then I knew I needed to learn more. I officially started with East West in September 2015. I hope to finish the professional course by January 2018, and continue through the clinical path. I will attend my first seminar this spring. Upon full completion, I would like to open my own practice, integrating yoga and meditation with herbal and food remedies.
I’ve always been interested in the body. As a dance major at Ohio University, I took four years of anatomy and kinesiology, and studied yoga, Pilates, Bartenieff Fundamentals and the Feldenkrais Method. I became certified in Yoga at the Sivananda Vedanta Centre in Val Morin, Quebec, Canada in 1999 and have been teaching ever since. Upon college graduation, I performed as a modern dancer for two local companies and taught yoga, pranayama, meditation, and creative movement to both children and adults. Now, I teach mostly private students, as well as a few large group classes. My work as a physical therapy aide, several years ago, greatly informs my teaching; functional movement with correct alignment is extremely important to me.
I am an avid reader and writer, and couldn’t live without my book club and longtime writers’ group. I wrote for seven years as a dance critic, and have published creative non-fiction with the Elephant Journal and Silk Road Review. I have also done professional editing on the side. My main love is hiking through the woods with my husband and our rescue dog, Jake. Nearly every day we pass by the many plants our beautiful Midwestern forest offers.
My website describes more about my teaching, and offers links to my writing: https://yogawithadrienne.wordpress.com.

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