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lexcell2My parents introduced me to herbs and alternative healing at a young age. We grew vegetables and herbs at our Northeastern country retreat to use at home in the city. My amazingly adept parents guided my education on how to grow, harvest, and use the produce for healing, health, and well-being in several family cultural mind, body, and spiritual traditions.

This early education inspired my desire to learn more about healing which resulted in my pursuit of degrees in psychology and nursing. My undergraduate degree is in psychology and anthropological holistic health which I used to study cultural-based health practices. I earned two master's degrees in psychology, and due to my work in HIV and infectious disease, I completed another master's degree and licensure as a nurse practitioner, and earned a doctorate in nursing. When I found the East West School of Herbology, I realized this was a vehicle for achieving my goal to integrate herbology into my psychotherapy and nursing practice.

I currently use my skills working as a holistic-based psychotherapist, entrepreneur, nurse practitioner, faculty at the local university, and as a researcher in psychology and the use of complementary medicine. I continue to explore and experiment with growing healing botanicals and their use in chronic mental illness, illness prevention, psychological well-being, and healing from chronic and acute illness.

My husband helped me transform my gardens into a healing sanctuary to share with family and friends that embody our cultural traditions. With the assistance of my three magnificent daughters, I am finally achieving one of my many life goals to open a holistic health practice and have a local storefront that specializes in herbal preparation and holistic products for the mind, body, and spirit. You are invited to visit our website, www.myenchantedleaf.com for more information as we prepare for the opening of our storefront in Denver, Colo. Namaste.

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