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My name is Hanni Heller-Ram I was born and raised in Israel. My mother is German and raised us on Dr. Schuessler’s  bio cell salts and chamomile tea. We had a garden with over 400 species of fruit trees, vegetables and flowers and she installed in me the love for plants.  My husband and I arrived in Connecticut in pursuit of our college education; here I studied and practiced architecture and raised my two boys.  Healing was always in the background, often helping family and friends with simple herbal suggestions, Reiki and aromatherapy. About 10 years ago, while looking for ways to better myself and my architecture, I got introduced to Feng Shui. This started my quest into Chinese philosophy and several years later, I emerged as an acupuncturist.

I love acupuncture! I have my own practice for almost five years now, and in addition I am an adjunct professor at the acupuncture clinic at UBIA, and a volunteer at a local AIDS project.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, at the time I went to acupuncture school, my program did not offer the herbal part, but I knew that I would get back to it one day. My problem was that I could not connect and relate to the Chinese herbs as commonly taught in the local Chinese medicine schools.   I wanted to study through my hands, touching, feeling and gathering like in my mother’s garden, hoping to find a way to integrate both. Last year, I signed up for a CEU class with Michael Tierra through PCOM and I know right away that I found my match. The Planetary philosophy and Michael’s warm and down-to-earth approach were what I was looking for. I joined the East West family in December 2015.

My goal is to slowly but fully integrate herbology into my practice. I would like to be able to offer my patients the full spectrum of Chinese medicine. Furthermore, this is still my personal quest, and maybe one day I will be able to get my OMD or PhD.

Hi!  My name is Hesty Morley. I have always been fascinated by the human body, how it works, disease and health. My journey began in university where I studied Biochemistry and Biomedical Science.  I was part of a co-op program which allowed me to work at various jobs related to my field in between semesters of studying.  My work ranged from quality control at a pharmaceutical company, to research and development at Health and Welfare Canada.  While the work was very interesting, I quickly realized that being cooped up in a lab working with radioactive and noxious chemicals did not suit me very well.  I ended up rather sick and so began my obsession with finding and living a healthy lifestyle. 
Once I graduated, I decided to begin a new path and became a yoga teacher.  My husband and I moved to Kripalu Yoga Center in Lenox, MA where a four-month residency turned into a four-year stay.  Besides teaching and practicing yoga, pranayama and meditation, I learned a lot about service, community-living, friendship and even vegetarian cooking. It was an incredibly rich and healing time for both of us. 
We left to resettle in the nearby area and became parents of two amazing girls.  When my girls were young I became a La Leche League Leader and supported new mothers in breastfeeding and parenting.  When my youngest was able to go to preschool I began to work part-time at our local food co-op first in the grocery department and then in the wellness department where I currently still am. My job now is the assistant Wellness Department Manager which means I do a little of everything from ordering/receiving, planning sales, setting up displays, to helping customers find what they need. Working with people and educating them about herbs are my favorite parts of my job. As far back as I can remember I have been interested in herbal healing and have studied what I can through seminars at work, or programs with local herbalists.   Herbs have always been my first choice in helping my family through minor ailments from cuts and scrapes to colds and flu. But it soon became apparent that this was just the beginning. I wanted to know more about how to help people really heal from the tougher, more chronic issues. It was time to delve deeper.  I found East West on line and it clearly stood out as the most comprehensive and integrative self-study herbal program. 
In the summer of 2013 I signed up and began Lesson 1.  I finally made it to the first seminar last year. It was so inspiring to be immersed in the vibrant Shen-filled community of like minded East-Westers learning about herbs from master teachers.  If you haven't been yet, I highly recommend it.  My immediate goal is to submit my first case study so that I might meet my second goal of graduating next Spring with the incredibly talented people of my class. After that, I hope to open up a practice as an herbalist.
When I am not at work, nerding out with herbs, being Mom, or dancing around the living room, I can be found sleeping or hiking our nearby Appalachian Trail and "mountains" (AKA "hills" to all of you westerners).

Hi! My name is Megan Deely. I am currently residing in the outskirts of good old Cleveland, Ohio. I’ve been here for ten years now and although I am only 24, I feel as if I have lived through quite a few mini-lifetimes since I’ve been here – little awakenings, if you will, leading me to where I am now.

I have been completely immersed in the world of holistic healing since I enrolled with the East West School about four years ago. Learning about the energetics of herbal medicines and how they synergize with each other and with the human body has been the most eye-opening and rewarding aspect of my studies so far. After plant energetics was brought to my awareness, it led me to study other aspects of energy medicine. I am a practitioner of various energetic body works, including Reiki and Polarity Therapy, and have been working toward receiving my Holistic Health Practitioner diploma through the Wellness Forum for the past two years.

I feel so strongly about wanting people to know that they can take control of building their health. Helping to bring ease into the process for people, and helping them to realize that they are indeed in control, is what is important to me. I am really interested in the power of thought and how it affects things physiologically – something I hope to learn more about in the future!

I plan to attend the upcoming East West Seminar to finish the Advanced Track, and to eventually become an East West Certified Herbalist. I’m finding that the farther along I get in my studies, the more I want to learn. I intend to go back to university and finish up my bachelor’s in molecular and cellular biology, with a concentration in plant sciences. I feel passionately about making a bridge over the gap that there seems to be between the science-oriented and etheric world that I have dipped into over the past few years. They are both so important.

In addition to loving plants and being more or less just enthralled in the world of energy medicine and the people who are involved in it, I love live music and the community that comes with it, continually reading and learning, and movement medicine: dancing, yoga, and wandering around in the woods, mostly.

I am so grateful to East West for the beautiful sense of community that has been provided for me, and also for rekindling my passion for learning. It feels like I have found a light that will not go out!

I was born and raised in the mountains of Caucasus in Russia. I have very early memories of my grandmother making herbal teas, remedies, and tending the garden. We used to spend summers with my dad foraging for herbs, berries and mushrooms in the woods in remote mountain ranges. We never used medication, and when someone in the family was not feeling well, natural remedies and herbs were the first resort. I had a special fondness for herbs and loved to play with them from very early in my childhood.
When I moved to US in 2001 and started building my new life, for a while I didn’t see how I could channel my passion for healthy lifestyle and knowledge of natural remedies and herbs into a career. I was just learning about the many health problems that Americans were treating with pharmaceuticals. I observed that the average quality of foods that people were consuming was very poor, that many have completely lost the ability to understand the body's need to be in balance. I started feeling the desire to share what I knew about health cultivation.
In 2006 I came across Academy of Healing Nutrition and took their Holistic Health Coaching course, which was based on the principles of Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Weston Price Foundation research on traditional diets of longevity cultures. I was feeling at home with these concepts and knew that this would be my life path. While studying at the Academy I got exposed to the Taoist teachings on radiant health, longevity, and the concept called The Three Treasures for the first time. These philosophies resonated deeply with my beliefs and inspired me to continue exploring these ancient secrets, seeking teachers to learn from directly. My first teacher was Nam Singh, and later I studied with Max Christensen, Jeffrey Yuen and Ron Teeguarden.
After graduating I started working at the Academy, eventually developing four of my own teaching modules on food energetics and cooking with the seasons, tonic herbal elixirs and holistic women’s health. At the same time I started developing my health coaching practice.
As a tireless learner, in the last 11 years I‘ve been busy taking nutrition, herbal medicine, alchemy, kinesiology, energy healing, spirituality, consciousness and shamanism-related classes and participating in various conferences and gatherings. In 2008 I enrolled in the East West course to seal my commitment to the path of an herbalist and healer, and attended my first seminar in 2009. I am so grateful to have met Michael and Lesley Tierra and all the teachers in the course who devote their lives to bridging the gaps between the herbal systems and nurturing the tribe of intelligent, Earth-loving, TCM-savvy herbalists. Viva Planetary Herbology!
In the recent years I have created a life that I don’t need a vacation from: traveling and teaching in the Unites States and Europe, seeing clients for nutrition and herbal consultations, coaching and mentoring long-distance. My next goals are to finish the East West Professional Herbalist training at the Advanced track in 2017 and become certified in craniosacral therapy - my newfound love
Healing is a fascinating multi-faceted process and I am committed to learning and exploring the depths of natural healing arts while sharing my gifts through consultations, healing work and teaching.
Apart from my natural healing side of life, I put a lot of my energy into learning, practicing and enjoying a Brazilian partner dance called Zouk. :-D 

One of the main reasons I got into holistic health, and learning about herbal medicine, nutrition, iridology, self-empowerment, etc., is because I was upset that there has always been such a cloak of mystery around illness. There is an idea that disease just ‘happens’ to a person, and the ‘only’ plausible solution is to take medications, have surgery, or die.

When I was able to experience for myself the difference between being healthy (experiencing crippling pain around periods and mood swings that debilitated my relationships with people around me, headaches, fatigue along with other ‘everyday’ healthy people issues) and HEALTH (no pain at periods, balance in my relationships, enhanced self-esteem, an ability to wake up before 10 am),…. The message was loud and clear: herbs, a healthy diet, are BIG key players in health.

I have been rooted in the holistic community since May 2009, and have been passionately exploring and advocating a different way to live. I studied Holistic Nutrition under the tutelage of many inspiring teachers at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. I have a practice in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, where I help people become informed consumers, whole food fanatics, and energized citizens. Nutrition, herbal medicine and iridology are the tools and resources I use to get people back to health.

One of my most inspiring teachers was Darko Prce, M.Sc. CNP, RNCP, ROHP, who had the conviction and compassion to create in me the strength to pursue a career in holistic health.  He knew that miracles are within the hands of a practitioner equipped with heart, the knowledge of plants and nutrients, and the patience to continue the path of understanding and sharing!

I enrolled at the East West School of Planetary Herbology in October 2013.

My professional goal is to be able to support my Hamilton community in helping for health to not be such a mystery.  My way of achieving this goal is to continue to host workshops that educate people, build up my Youtube channel to reach the people who need these messages most, and continue to involve myself in my city. Visit me at

My name is Nathan Shannon. I was born in Meeker, Colorado, which is in the northwest part of the state.  I moved to central Wisconsin before I started school and lived there until I was 21 at which time I moved to Phoenix, Arizona, which is where I still live.  In 2003 I began studying Asian Bodywork at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe.  The styles of Asian Bodywork I initially studied were Acupressure, Tui Na and Zen Shiatsu.  After receiving my initial diploma I began seeing clients full time and I continued on with my Asian Bodywork studies, specifically Tui Na and Acupressure within the Chinese martial arts community in Arizona.  I also studied and began practicing Craniosacral therapy and different forms of Specialized Kinesiology.  I found it helpful and effective to integrate both Asian and American bodywork modalities. 

My involvement in Chinese martial arts exposed me to Chinese herbal medicine both as a patient and a student.  I quickly realized that Chinese herbalism was very effective and efficient however I have always preferred to work with plants that I knew from my local environment…If only there was a way to utilize them along with classic Chinese formulas while keeping to Chinese medical principles and theory! After learning that this is precisely what the East West Herb Course teaches, I knew that it was the school for me.

I began the East West program in 2012 and just finished all of my course work and all three East West seminars this April. I will now be working to obtain professional membership in the American Herbalists Guild.  I have a full time practice in which I practice Planetary Herbalism in conjunction with Asian Bodywork and Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (a healing technique which utilizes a form of acupressure and energy psychology/ neuro-emotional therapy).

I intend to continue building my herbal medicine practice, and begin teaching community classes in herbal medicine.  At some point I will be working to collaborate with other local herbalists to offer herbal medicine to veterans in need of care in a free clinic setting. 

When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my family, gardening, wild crafting herbs, camping, hiking/walking my dog, practicing martial arts (Xing I Quan) and practicing things related to my animistic spiritual beliefs.   


My name is Hung Ting Ting from Hong Kong. I am 33 years old and I danced ballet for 14 years. After earning a Bachelor’s of Fashion Design, I became a jewelry designer for several years.

A mild health problem brought me to natural healing, especially to Western herbs. After the successful experience, I began to pursue my study of natural healing and taking different courses, including herbal medicine and homeopathy.  I met many great teachers, including Dr. Michael Tierra, Lesley Tierra and some other famous herbalists and homeopaths.

By studying at East West School, I experienced significant improvement in my practices. The course materials and textbooks written by Michael and Lesley are so amazing that I have to read them over and over again. By doing so, I manage to learn new knowledge every time.

I am thankful that I have the ability to prescribe organic herbal medicine for my two young children when they were sick. I am pleased that they have never taken any drugs since birth. Nowadays, people can get enormous and various health information easily via the internet. I am so blessed that I have a clear mind to learn the truth of herbs and know what to do to protect my family’s health.

I am thankful that I am doing my herbal practice, helping people with organic Western and Chinese herbs with good results. Many magical cases in my clinic encourage me to work even harder.

I am excited to launch organic herbal soup bags with an East West School alumni, Peggie. Our products will be rolled out in May 2016. We hope our organic soup bags can bring good health to every family. Our motto is “Sparkle your health with Organic soup.” Our company’s name is Bonum Trees. Bonum (meaning “highest goodness” in Latin) is our philosophy in spreading the goodness to everyone’s health through the use of nature’s gifts – plants and herbs!

Last but not least, Michael, Lesley and all East West School teachers and friends, thank you for teaching me and helping me during my journey of herbal study. I have been inspired by all of you and you all have brighten up my life. I love herbs and herbs love me!

I lived in Baltimore most of my life.  I was drafted into the military and joined the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War and was deported for 6 months off the coast of Vietnam.  After  that experience, I started attending college at UMBC and obtained my BA degree in Psychology.  I started my career as a substance abuse counselor, which is my main occupation.   

I run and work out daily to keep in shape.  This led me to wanting to learn how the muscles function and to address aching muscles. This path led me to attend and graduate 14 years ago from the Baltimore School of Massage. I have maintained my career as a massage therapist by working with professional athletes, University of Maryland athletes and private clients.

In my quest for massage certification CEUs, I attended a Qi gong seminar. While there I was introduced to herbal tonics and a company in California to purchase them. In the process of purchasing the tonics a technician told me about a school up the coast that was pretty good.  The owner of the company happened to be Ron Teeguarden. The school up the coast was and still is East West School of Planetary Herbology.  This confirmed for me that our steps have been measured for us , it’s up to us to take the first step.

I started the foundation level last year and I’m looking forward to starting the intermediate level this month. I have learned a lot this year, but I also realize I have a lot to learn. Not only have I learned about the energy of plants, but also my spiritual energy.

Upon completion of the advanced course next year, I plan on developing an institution to treat and teach people about the benefits of herbs. I will also grow and develop formulas for usage, with my biggest focus being on mushrooms. I believe that we are put on this earth to help as many people as possible.  Learning the spiritual energy of plants will help me continue this process.

One of the best things I like about East West (other than the instructors) is the feeling of flower power.  For those who were too young to experience it or those who have forgotten, to me it means having Peace and Love for the planet (plants, animals, and the environment) and to encourage Peace and Love for all people. This was a way of life (a movement) in the '60s and at East West I feel it is alive and well.  I finally found my tribe.  

Hi, my name is Anne Roe and I am 33 years old. My origin is Germany, which I left five years ago to travel the world and find the most important person in my life: me. What a ride! I initially biked around New Zealand, where I am now settled and married.

And I found my life purpose: getting people healthy and happy.

I completed my diploma of Sports and Economics in Germany as well as my first Yoga Teacher Training.

On my travels I discovered a passion in different kinds of body works and trained as a Massage and Bowen Therapist and Ayurvedic Practitioner. With over five years' experience I now run my own practice where I combine ancient wisdom with modern science, helping other people on their life journey.

I started with East West School at the end of 2012 and am very much enjoying the course. I have recently invested in the latest German technology for evaluating the nutritional status through hair follicle analysis. The knowledge about different herbs around the planet will help to make positive nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, which assist the body in regaining balance and optimal health.

I am passionate about any kind of movement and guiding people to become intuitive with their bodies. Yoga is an amazing tool to help this! I love connecting with Mother Nature, reading and studying, socializing, travelling and harvesting organically grown veggies out of my garden!

My goal is to combine different modalities and bring both science-based medicine and traditional healing wisdom together. I would like to work extensively with eating disorders and body image and the role of natural medicine in this area to help people stepping into their potential and to realize how much more there is to life.

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