I grew up in Campbell, < Ohio with one sister and two loving, supportive parents. I was raised in a political family, and hold the elected office of precinct committee person and serve as presiding judge for our city’s voting location. I enjoy traveling, learning new things and trying new things.

It wasn’t until 2006 that I found my love of herbs. My father asked if I could work for him while he and my mother went on their yearly vacation. After working at Moonhawk Herbals for one week, I fell in love with the store, with nature and with herbs! We have three greenhouses, we grow over 100 different field-grown medicinal herbs, which we harvest and make medicines with, and we sell all of those medicines in our little country store. We sell our tinctures, oils, salves, liniments, teas, as well as a huge variety of natural supplements. It’s a beautiful place.

Before enrolling in East West, I studied Western herbology with Rosemary Gladstar. After finishing my training with her, I enrolled in the East West program in 2008. I attended my Foundation Track at the 2010 seminar.

In the years following my Foundation Track, my sister opened a mental health practice. She needed help running and setting up her office. I became her practice manager, and focused my energies towards building the successful practice that we have today.

In the Fall of 2014, I decided to get back to my herbal studies. It was nice to be welcomed back by Michael, Lesley and everyone else at East West. I attended my Intermediate Track at the 2015 seminar and will be completing my Advanced Track in 2016.

Being an herbalist is what I love. It is my calling in life. I am at home when I am helping and healing people. I have been blessed with all of the necessary tools, a huge pharmacy, and an abundance of fresh plants that we grow. There are so many possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead for me. And I have Michael and Lesley Tierra, the East West School of Planetary Herbology and all of its amazing teachers and staff to thank for these opportunities. The education which they provide is amazing and far superior to anything I could imagine.  

My goals are to complete the 36 course lessons, take East West’s A & P Course and become a professional member with the American Herbalists Guild. After that, I plan on running two practices; one at Moonhawk Herbals, where I already see clients, and a second one in the same building as our mental health practice, where I will be specializing in mental health and chronic pain.

I grew up just west of Salt Lake City, Utah, and have spent my life surrounded by protective mountains and four very dramatic seasons. Since I was a child I've been fascinated by the natural world, and have looked for ways to align to it in my hobbies, spiritual practice, healing work, and everyday lifeways. I grew up an only child and spent a lot of time alone - or at least not in the company of other humans. I was the kid who could be found making friends with trees and animals, building forts in the backyard, giving names to bugs, and often spending much of my time reading. Some things never change! As I grew up I realized that the age-old axioms of animism were true for me: the world is filled with people, only some of whom are human, and all of them deserve our respect.
After training in several modalities of energy healing therapies, attending a massage therapy program, and starting one of the few medicinal herbal tea blogs online several years back, my path led me to study with East West School of Herbology. I enrolled on New Year's Day 2015 and eight months later consider this to be one of the best and most important steps I've ever taken as a person and as a professional. The Planetary Herbology tradition is one that has dramatically changed the way I see people and herbs, and it's allowed me to study, digest, and apply the important teachings of various energetic herbalism traditions in a way that works in the modern, urban world. While I'm in school I work full-time in a busy neighborhood restaurant where I'm learning about making delicious food and running a successful small business.
When I'm not having a blast doing homework for my East West studies, I'm usually working on an herbal tea formula, out for a run, having fun with my dog at the park, doing meditative journey work, or just spending time with my family and friends.
Once I complete the program my goal is to begin working with local people to help educate them about and connect them to the best in medicinal herbs. While I plan on working with all types of people, my focus will primarily be on mental health areas such as stress, anxiety, depression, pain, fear, and self-love. I also plan on making herbal teas a primary tool in my practice and look forward to providing delicious and effective tea blends for my community that they can steep at home or pick up infused from my apothecary.
I am so grateful to the East West program, especially to Michael, Lesley, Mara, Miles, Pamela, and Susan for their wisdom, classes, feedback, and passion for plant medicine. I can't wait to see where the next year takes me!


Growing up in northern Germany on the Baltic Sea, I have wonderful memories of time spent in the garden with my parents who harvested and preserved their own fruits and vegetables. We also kept beehives and harvested honey for ourselves and to trade for meat and eggs with others in the community.

My early experience with herbal healing came as a result of my parents' skepticism with western medications. They preferred remedies they could find around the property treating colds, flu, and infections with herbal teas, plant- and honey-based poultices and other herbal-based treatments.

Because herbalism was not a viable educational option in Germany, I chose an education in Physics where graduate school brought me to the US, studying Space Physics at the University of Alaska. This led to a job opportunity in Silicon Valley in 2012, and my husband and I choose to reside in the beautiful community of Santa Cruz. While going through some minor health issues I searched for alternative medicine and landed on the homepage of Darren Huckle, who was offering classes with British Herbalist Paula Grainger. These two amazing teachers introduced me to the magical world of herbs and I knew immediately that I wanted to educate myself further. The East West School of Planetary Herbology was based right at my backdoor in the Santa Cruz area, and I've never enjoyed an educational experience more than I have here.

East West has enlightened my life and my view of health and well being. Though I now live back in the great wide state of Alaska, I feel privileged that I had the opportunity to learn so much through the personal interactions and seminars which I was able to attend in person while living in the Santa Cruz area. When I am not studying herbs and making herbal products I enjoy my other work as a personal trainer and I spend time practicing martial arts, hiking with my dogs, fishing, and enjoying the myriad outdoor activities that Alaska has to offer.


Growing up on the outskirts of Salt Lake City, UT (yep, I’m a Mormon) my family grew and preserved much of our own food and enjoyed the great outdoors.  Outside of school I studied many types of dance and spent my free time hiking, biking and climbing all over the magnificent state of Utah. 
I graduated from the University of Utah in the field of Mass Communications and Public Relations with an emphasis in Special Populations and research and soon after, I married the love of my life. Over the past 18 years his work has moved our family to Boston, MA, Falls Church, VA, Salt Lake City, UT,  St Petersburg, FL and now to San Jose, CA. Our four children, ages 10-16, are my favorite full time job. 
In addition to being a mom, I have taught tap, jazz and ballet classes for the past 20 years, as well as worked in public relations and special events for many non-profit and government organizations. Most recently I worked as of one of the Program Directors of the YMCA’S Diabetes Prevention Program where I worked with insurance companies, physicians and hundreds of individuals to help stem the tide of pre-diabetes through facilitated support groups, physical activity and dietary changes. 
My love for herbs and natural healing go hand in hand with my love of gardening, my love for my family and my religious beliefs. One by one each of our children has experienced significant health challenges that Western medicine couldn't resolve. When a wise friend introduced me to Nourishing Traditions, I began to seriously study western herbs and traditional diets which finally lead to positive changes in our family’s health. 
When the East West School crossed my path I somehow knew I had finally found what has been calling me my entire life. I am ecstatic to be studying with Michael and Lesley and the other students here in the Greater Bay Area and am amazed at the depth of knowledge the program instills. I am overwhelmed by the compassion that TCM allows us to offer our clients, particularly that everything matters in TCM and no complaint is too small to address as part of bringing the body into balance. Working with our local group in the Santa Cruz Free Clinic has been life-changing. Many of our clients are blown away with the details we ask and the genuine interest we can offer for their well-being. I can’t help but want to offer the same thing to everyone I know and everyone I meet.
I am working feverishly to finish the program and become a certified clinical herbalist. I would love to open a small herb shop and offer consultations and education to my community. My website www.vintageapotheca.com will be up and running soon!

Hi! My name is Morning. I have lived in various places around the U.S., as well as elsewhere in the world. I have loved and enjoyed the people I have known, < and the richness of being able to experience many other cultures and spiritual paths.

I currently reside in California, where I have the privilege of working with other herbalists involved in the East West school.

Health and healing has been a lifelong path, starting from when I was very young. I have explored and developed different modalities of healing, with my greatest interests being in what I have experienced to be effective again and again. To this end, I have found profound results not only with the more mainstream and interactive psychological approaches, acupuncture, meditation, martial arts, and bodywork, but also through the more energetic approaches of polarity, maitri, remote healing, simply pulling up and running energy, and, astonishingly to me, also through being in the presence of someone who is a master of their energetic art.

The area of study that I am most interested in developing is in the area of the heart/mind/emotions/soul. I have both seen and experienced how many unhappy states of mind and perspectives on any given situation that seem utterly convincingly absolute, have been able to shift through herbs.

I often see the brokenness/ broken connections in our world, and am happy to have found, and hope that I may effectively develop, another piece that can help bring individuals back to wholeness in themselves, having then a healthier, happier place to be with each other.

Prior to studying herbs, my background was in graphic design, having my own business and eventually working with a major state-wide and local newspapers and full service ad agencies. I moved from the East Coast to California in 1997 and my first introduction to herbs was with Jeanine Pollack in Soquel, CA. She was giving a demonstration of herbs and food combinations at an outdoor venue and what drew me to her was her incredible enthusiasm. It was so apparent to everyone that this delightful herbalist was in love with what she was doing! I immediately signed up for several of her herb walks and medicine-making classes.

A friend introduced me to Michael Tierra and he offered me a job of working in his garden. Michael taught me how to care for the plants, what they are used for medicinally, and when to harvest the herbs, dry and store them properly, along with watering, weeding and composting. I found out through Jill about the East West Planetary School of Herbology and immediately signed up.

I became healthier, just learning basic nutrition from the coursework. I was fascinated with learning that foods can make you healthy or they can make you sick and how to shift things in the right direction.  I would say just knowing THAT basic information would radically change life on this planet. It did mine! In those first few years the herbs helped me overcome arthritis, urinary tract infections, depression, bursitis in my shoulder, colds and flu, hormonal imbalances, an under-active thyroid, parasites, worms, candida, leaky gut, etc. I have to say, when you notice parasites and worms exiting your own body – THAT IS SUPER EMPOWERING, NOT TO MENTION MOTIVATING!

What I must point out here is that, most of the time, I really did not feel sick at all and my energy seemed fine. But during my studies these are the imbalances I discovered, and I was able to correct them through herbal therapeutics, proper diet and healthier lifestyle habits.

Because of the profound effect herbal and dietary therapies had on my health, I became very interested in healing food therapies and was greatly influenced by the work of Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. John Christopher, Jethro Kloss, Weston Price, Adelle Davis, Ann Wigmore, Max and Charlotte Gerson and Paul Pitchford (among countless others).

My background now includes the study of many types of healing food therapies including Chinese teas, congees, soups, herbs, Ayurvedic therapies and cooking, detox therapies, juicing, raw foods and macrobiotic foods. My training in macrobiotic cooking was with Roxanne Koteles, certified macrobiotic teacher and certified chef. I attended the Starting Point Wellness School in the Bay area and completed Wellness Cuisine Chef Certification, Levels I and II in Raw Foods and also studied with Thrivin Edibles Chef Patti at Cafe Gratitude in Santa Cruz, CA.

My very first herbal assessments began with myself, my family and friends. I ordered pounds of herbs and my home began to look like an herb warehouse. In making and taking my very first formula, I had no idea if this would work or not.  It was a female hormonal formula and within several weeks the condition cleared up. THAT was an epiphany! It internally registered so deeply with me that we can make our own herbal medicine and that the herbs really do work! I spent that entire year making herbal formulas, tinctures, syrups, and salves. The delightful art of herbal medicine making was instilled in my heart forever.

Michael Tierra suggested to our advanced class, that taking a course in body work would help us fledgling herbalists better understand how herbs work in the body. Shortly after that, I enrolled in Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts and fell in love with massage therapy as well.

I graduated from the East West School in December of 2001 and mentored with Michael Tierra for one year after that. I was seeing my own clients and we would review each case with suggestions and/or corrections /additions to my original analyses.

Following that, I earned my clinical hours through an apprenticeship with Keith Latham, L.Ac., an acupuncture physician in Tequesta, FL in 2002.  For about a year, I set up and ran his herbal pharmacy according to the energetics of the herbs, tracking and ordering all of the herbs, powdering them, making sure the pharmacy was well stocked, encapsulating herbs, dry-frying or honey-frying when necessary, occasionally making decoctions and infusions, and daily filling herbal prescriptions for the patients. In the evenings after work, each week I was in Susan Kramer’s riveting online study group, trying to come up with the perfect analyses for those amazing case studies.

While still seeing clients, I worked in health food stores in Florida and Chicago in their Natural Living departments. I was trained and educated by many of the well-known herbal and supplement companies about their products and formulary, which was a powerful education in itself.

I became a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild in 2008. I am a trained clinical herbalist and a licensed California massage therapist with my own company, Herbal Vital Health. It is also my honor and privilege to have recently been elected as president of the new Greater Bay Area Chapter of the American Herbalists Guild; and, for the incredibly rewarding opportunity of serving our community locally with an amazing group of super-talented herbalists, herb teachers and nutritionists, etc. at the East West Free Clinic as well. You can read all about our latest herbal adventures at http://cagba-ahg.org

I’ve been in the nutritional consulting field for the past 8 years. Prior to that I was a full time yoga instructor. I am the founder of www.MetabolicHealing.com, where I’ve authored around 300 research-oriented articles, and spent a lot of time researching, writing, and consulting. I have also created two practitioner certification courses, one on functional blood chemistry analysis and the other on biochemistry-specific nutrition. My study of functional blood chemistry analysis and nutrition has enabled me to create a web-based blood chemistry analyzer tool for clinicians, with numerous recommendations for herbal medicine and nutrient therapies.

In my practice I search for nutritional therapies that will help my clients get well and stay well. It is important for me to be able to see my client’s situation from as many different perspectives as possible: functional lab testing, cellular physiology and biochemistry, emotional, psycho-spiritual, physical/anatomical, familial, and genetic.

The decision to seriously study herbology and the basic tenets of Chinese Medicine is a very large undertaking, and to me is like learning new languages and new ways of thinking. I began the East West Herb Course in 2013, and enjoy the engaging material presented.

My highly investigative and inquisitive nature is drawn to the practice of TCM and herbal medicine. As a busy clinician, the proper application of an herbal formulary has become a major asset to my practice, and will continue to in the future.


My curiosity about using plants for wellness began in the library as a preteen, following my own interests. I’ve never stopped reading on the subject. The Internet brought tons more information; my favorite pastime became Jim Duke’s Ethnobotanical Database. My interest was so keen, I almost went to Naturopathic Medical School after college, but eventually decided to move back home to be with my (now) husband instead.

Today my husband, John, and I own and operate an Organic Market/Health Food Store/Specialty Beer & Wine Shop in our small hometown in eastern NC. We are also about to celebrate our 15th year at our first business, Muddy’s, a neighborhood coffeehouse and roastery. We are the caretakers of a Revolutionary War era house in the country with a huge heirloom garden, a small orchard and lots of resident plants and animals. Our hobbies include sailing, camping, biking, seed-saving, cooking, traveling, photography and old houses.

Yet, through it all, my interest in herbs, plants and wellness remained. I discovered East West Herbal School online and signed up for classes back in 2004. But the craziness of running two businesses, having a child and life in general happened. I never touched those books.

Almost 10 years after I started, the coursework that sat on my shelves began calling me again. On a whim one day, I emailed and asked if I could pick up where I left off and begin the course again. Jill and the Tierras cheerfully allowed me to start over in 2013 and it’s been amazing! Learning TCM diagnostics seemed so far outside of everything I’d ever read, but its knowledge goes deep and wide across thousands of years. Using plants that have evolved with us over millennia, in formula, to bring the body back into balance; this is what I was meant to do. My deepest thanks to the Tierras and the school for sharing the knowledge and allowing me a chance complete my study and pursue this dream. By teaching modern healers how to heal, they are creating a better world for all of us.

You can visit our business sites, if you like, at muddyscoffee.com and sohoorganicmarket.com

I’ve moved from East to West over the course of my life. I was born in Boston. My parents were involved in the home birth movement, and natural food co-ops. We followed my father’s career first to Chicago, then to Santa Fe.

I began studying theatre in Santa Fe, and majored in acting at UNM. After college, I supported my acting career working in bars and nightclubs. I got burnt out with that lifestyle, and resolved to work with fresh air and sunlight. It is said that the actor’s body is the instrument - a painter has paints, a drummer has drums - which needs to be well-maintained.

I got a job in a plant nursery, setting me on the path of herbal medicine. Through subsequent work at an apothecary store, then a tincture manufacturer, I learned basic medicine-making and a foundation in Western, Native American, and Ayurvedic traditions.

I moved to San Francisco, pursuing acting opportunities, and continued with herbal work. Exposed to a large Asian community, I began to learn about Traditional Chinese Medicine. I apprenticed with Christopher Hobbs for my first Herbalist Certification.

I registered with East West in 2008. Having dual careers in acting and herbal medicine, my progress is slow but steady. I attended Foundation seminar in 2011.

This past fall, a new opportunity brought me to Ashland, OR, to run the dispensary for Donnie Yance’s Mederi Centre. My goal for the dispensary is to help it grow to meet the needs of the clients, and comply with FDA cGMP regulations. Meanwhile, I’m completing my lessons for Advanced seminar! Next: AHG Professional Membership.

Aside from herbalism and theatre, I love to travel. I’ve been to four continents (I’ve performed in three). Whenever I visit a foreign country, I like to find a natural pharmacy, and see a play.

I have some thoughts about the intersection of my dual careers. There was a time when performance and healing work were intertwined, when the herbal remedy required an accompanying ritual. In classical Greece, citizens went to see dramas and comedies, in order to experience catharsis. In modern society, art and medicine are separated. I believe the work we do as herbalists helps to bridge that gap.


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