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Hi, my name is Anne Roe and I am 33 years old. My origin is Germany, which I left five years ago to travel the world and find the most important person in my life: me. What a ride! I initially biked around New Zealand, where I am now settled and married.

And I found my life purpose: getting people healthy and happy.

I completed my diploma of Sports and Economics in Germany as well as my first Yoga Teacher Training.

On my travels I discovered a passion in different kinds of body works and trained as a Massage and Bowen Therapist and Ayurvedic Practitioner. With over five years' experience I now run my own practice where I combine ancient wisdom with modern science, helping other people on their life journey.

I started with East West School at the end of 2012 and am very much enjoying the course. I have recently invested in the latest German technology for evaluating the nutritional status through hair follicle analysis. The knowledge about different herbs around the planet will help to make positive nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, which assist the body in regaining balance and optimal health.

I am passionate about any kind of movement and guiding people to become intuitive with their bodies. Yoga is an amazing tool to help this! I love connecting with Mother Nature, reading and studying, socializing, travelling and harvesting organically grown veggies out of my garden!

My goal is to combine different modalities and bring both science-based medicine and traditional healing wisdom together. I would like to work extensively with eating disorders and body image and the role of natural medicine in this area to help people stepping into their potential and to realize how much more there is to life.


Currently, Chloe is the generator of a heart-centered hub for the alliance of ethno-botany, expressive movement, alternative art, and Earth medicine via transformational workshops and women's Red Tent facilitation presently thriving on community-expressed needs for the cultivation of plant wisdom, somatic liberation, storytelling, and earth-first thinking. Rainbow Bliss Botanicals and Happy Healthy High Horny Herbs are two of Chloe's current projects that strive to integrate consciousness, ceremony, botanical medicine, and sacred dance through honoring the divine intelligence between people and plants.
Fueled by cosmic ancestors, a BS in Sustainable Ecosystems and Soil Science, and undergraduate studies in Dance Performance and Choreography at Arizona State University and University of Waikato, New Zealand, I believe in a collective vision of expressive healing and Ecology as religion. For the sake of all creatures, I hold a vision to utilize Earth medicine with compassion to inspire health and leadership. Chloe values studying cognition-enhancing botanicals, plant therapeutics for pain management, and natural medicine for trauma/addiction recovery.

Chloe is in her 3rd year of studies at EastWest and aims to be a certified Planetary Herbalist with training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Meridian Therapy, and Eclectic Herbalism. In May 2016, Chloe is planning on traveling to China with East West & the Tierras to generate a deeper understanding of TCM and to advance her studies. 

FB: Rainbow Bliss Botanicals

Chloe Bee

or Happy Healthy High Horny Herbs

Instagram: rainbowblissbotanicals

Chloe loves to blog and has an active website and retail store at: www.rbbotanicals.com



Growing up in Memphis, Tennessee didn't allow for much exposure to things like herbalism, just the vestiges of southern folk medicine mixed with the health food store accounts of rare radicals like myself. So, in 2006 I traveled to Yreka, California to study herbal medicine at The Blue Otter School of Energetic Herbalism. From there I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico where I was fortunate enough to land a job working at Herbs, etc., the longstanding herbal supplier founded by Michael Moore a generation or two before I was born. 

In order to serve our customers better I enrolled in the East West Herb Course so that when people asked me about the Chinese and Ayurvedic Herbs we offered I might be able to give them real answers.  In 2010 (about a year into the East West program) I quit my job, left New Mexico, and effectively halted my herbal studies to pursue my other passion in life, music.   After four years of learning to play the violin, I found that the dust gathering on my Herb Course Book 2 was getting unsettlingly thick.  So, entrenched in a degree program at City College of San Francisco, I began doing the herb coursework again.

As the year readies to change to 2016 I am finding myself well into Book 3, one semester away from receiving an Associate's Degree at CCSF, playing gigs regularly with my band, Ghost Note Ensemble, and beginning the registration process for a Tuina massage program next year. I've taken my time with my education.  I began the East West Herb Course five years ago and it will have taken me four years to earn an A.A., but this time has been dense with gifts.  The classes I've taken in music, herbal medicine, chinese medicine, environmental science, and sustainability have all refocused my vision.  My goal for the present and future is to integrate Chinese medical theory, bioregional herbalism, bodywork and exercise science, and sustainability into a cohesive practice worthy of supplementing the health of people so that people can restore the health of the planet.  I view human and planetary health as one dynamic force and hope to do whatever I can to encourage this vision in the world.

At the encouragement of Kristi Shapla of the East West School I recently started a blog where I have been posting my recent papers for public viewing:  https://wakerobinblog.wordpress.com

In 1999, I graduated from California State University, Fresno,  with a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Magna Cum Laude; and in 1994, from Fresno City College, CA, with a Degree of Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts, Highest Honors. I maintain my active California RN License, hold a Public Health Nurse Certification, and also have presented group projects of published nursing research through my membership in Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing.
I've worn several hats, working in private and public agencies such as California Children’s Services, County Tuberculosis Clinics, and High Risk Infant Specialty Clinics in various roles, helping homeless adults with communicable diseases, drug- and alcohol-exposed infants, preemies, teen mothers, and children with special needs and developmental challenges.
After taking a couple years' break to reconnect with my family, I realized I had forgotten who I was, my roots! So I rediscovered a passion I've had since childhood, and decided to redirect my career as a nurse-herbalist in holistic nursing.
My Great Uncle Jim was an Eclectic ahead of his time. I grew up playing on his small farm in Upland, CA, and browsing through his collection of herb books covering his shelves. I watched him use vibration and UV light devices he made himself on people's feet, and provide people with produce and herbs they needed from his own farm. Now I am realizing that every plant and tree he had was a significant, powerful herb. Uncle Jim did not turn grey until his stroke at age 90, and then he turned grey overnight. When I was a teenager, and he could no longer help himself, I would care for him. I cut his nails, washed his feet, and when I brushed his teeth, both I and my mother (also an RN) were surprised to see shiny white molars poking through his gums. He died at home at age 93. My Great Aunt Delta who Uncle Jim treated for cancer died that same year, at age 94.
On my other side of the family is my Grandma Evelyn, who outlived three generations of the homeopathic physicians who treated her.
I signed up for East West School of Planetary Herbology in May 2012, and have never had so much fun in all my life! I've enjoyed every single minute, and every single dalliance, never tiring of talking about the amazing healing properties of herbal formulations! Having attended the new Medicine Making and Meridian Therapy tracks at the East West Herb Seminar this Spring, I've been focusing on what will become lifelong practices of Qigong, and using food as medicine. These have proven to be invaluable missing pieces essential to my own personal healing. 
As a nurse-herbalist, I'll offer my skills on the health care team to support the client taking charge of their own healing. I'll be a bridge of communication to promote continuity of care, to combine modern advances with what is most pure and simple. I'll assist the medical doctor to help titrate down the client's prescription medication regimen as herbs clear underlying root imbalances. I plan to do this by providing custom-made herbal formulations that are readily adjusted, lifestyle recommendations, foot massage, reflexology, and teaching easy Qigong techniques that are specific to the client's needs.

I’ve lived in Tinmouth, Vermont, for the past 36 years amongst the hills, < fields, and trees.  There’s such a diverse amount of plant material here that will keep me busy for a long time to come.

My interest in herbs began in high school. It was a time when there really wasn’t much in the way of good herb books to reference.  We were on our own just as Michael Tierra was. A friend and I would explore the green world around us; smelling, tasting and smoking as we felt inclined. We always had an interest in what was around, whether it was plants, trees, mushrooms, or even the rocks beneath us.  In college I was able to snag courses in plant taxonomy and mycology. These were some of the most satisfying things I did in college.

Career-wise, I’ve been a carpenter/builder for the first half of my life. If lineage has anything to do with life, I’m at least a fourth or fifth generation carpenter.  Wood is such an interesting material. Even when it is done growing, it still has a life to it in the way it looks, and feels. Herbs are now becoming an extension of wood into the healing properties beyond the physical ones.

My first foray into Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) came nine years ago.  I had been a student of tai chi and was introduced to Master Chen.  That became an important step on my path in healing. The result created huge changes in lifestyle. I completed his External Qi Healing course and continued to attend many other workshops just to be with a true master.  I met the Tierras at his Universal Consciousness Festival last year, which may have been more than coincidental.  I was wondering what would be next. As events unfolded, I enrolled in the East West Herb School in March and haven’t doubted my decision one bit.

Now seems to be the time to continue to pursue herbs and healing.  I’m grateful for all the work the Tierras have done to organize the knowledge of TCM herbs in English.  Now I get to benefit from all of this herbal knowledge while I feed my family and build many houses. I never would have gotten that far on my own.

It seems to me that the present American medical system is on the verge of collapse. There must be some sane solution to maintaining health.  I know many people who aren’t being helped by the present system. Some of them are the spouses of open-minded doctors. So this school is truly giving me a much better understanding of how the world works and the richness of the intertwined relationships of people, plants and the energy of the earth. East West is giving me more, better tools to use to help people live satisfying lives. This how I see myself spending the other half of my career.

I grew up in Campbell, < Ohio with one sister and two loving, supportive parents. I was raised in a political family, and hold the elected office of precinct committee person and serve as presiding judge for our city’s voting location. I enjoy traveling, learning new things and trying new things.

It wasn’t until 2006 that I found my love of herbs. My father asked if I could work for him while he and my mother went on their yearly vacation. After working at Moonhawk Herbals for one week, I fell in love with the store, with nature and with herbs! We have three greenhouses, we grow over 100 different field-grown medicinal herbs, which we harvest and make medicines with, and we sell all of those medicines in our little country store. We sell our tinctures, oils, salves, liniments, teas, as well as a huge variety of natural supplements. It’s a beautiful place.

Before enrolling in East West, I studied Western herbology with Rosemary Gladstar. After finishing my training with her, I enrolled in the East West program in 2008. I attended my Foundation Track at the 2010 seminar.

In the years following my Foundation Track, my sister opened a mental health practice. She needed help running and setting up her office. I became her practice manager, and focused my energies towards building the successful practice that we have today.

In the Fall of 2014, I decided to get back to my herbal studies. It was nice to be welcomed back by Michael, Lesley and everyone else at East West. I attended my Intermediate Track at the 2015 seminar and will be completing my Advanced Track in 2016.

Being an herbalist is what I love. It is my calling in life. I am at home when I am helping and healing people. I have been blessed with all of the necessary tools, a huge pharmacy, and an abundance of fresh plants that we grow. There are so many possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead for me. And I have Michael and Lesley Tierra, the East West School of Planetary Herbology and all of its amazing teachers and staff to thank for these opportunities. The education which they provide is amazing and far superior to anything I could imagine.  

My goals are to complete the 36 course lessons, take East West’s A & P Course and become a professional member with the American Herbalists Guild. After that, I plan on running two practices; one at Moonhawk Herbals, where I already see clients, and a second one in the same building as our mental health practice, where I will be specializing in mental health and chronic pain.

I grew up just west of Salt Lake City, Utah, and have spent my life surrounded by protective mountains and four very dramatic seasons. Since I was a child I've been fascinated by the natural world, and have looked for ways to align to it in my hobbies, spiritual practice, healing work, and everyday lifeways. I grew up an only child and spent a lot of time alone - or at least not in the company of other humans. I was the kid who could be found making friends with trees and animals, building forts in the backyard, giving names to bugs, and often spending much of my time reading. Some things never change! As I grew up I realized that the age-old axioms of animism were true for me: the world is filled with people, only some of whom are human, and all of them deserve our respect.
After training in several modalities of energy healing therapies, attending a massage therapy program, and starting one of the few medicinal herbal tea blogs online several years back, my path led me to study with East West School of Herbology. I enrolled on New Year's Day 2015 and eight months later consider this to be one of the best and most important steps I've ever taken as a person and as a professional. The Planetary Herbology tradition is one that has dramatically changed the way I see people and herbs, and it's allowed me to study, digest, and apply the important teachings of various energetic herbalism traditions in a way that works in the modern, urban world. While I'm in school I work full-time in a busy neighborhood restaurant where I'm learning about making delicious food and running a successful small business.
When I'm not having a blast doing homework for my East West studies, I'm usually working on an herbal tea formula, out for a run, having fun with my dog at the park, doing meditative journey work, or just spending time with my family and friends.
Once I complete the program my goal is to begin working with local people to help educate them about and connect them to the best in medicinal herbs. While I plan on working with all types of people, my focus will primarily be on mental health areas such as stress, anxiety, depression, pain, fear, and self-love. I also plan on making herbal teas a primary tool in my practice and look forward to providing delicious and effective tea blends for my community that they can steep at home or pick up infused from my apothecary.
I am so grateful to the East West program, especially to Michael, Lesley, Mara, Miles, Pamela, and Susan for their wisdom, classes, feedback, and passion for plant medicine. I can't wait to see where the next year takes me!


Growing up in northern Germany on the Baltic Sea, I have wonderful memories of time spent in the garden with my parents who harvested and preserved their own fruits and vegetables. We also kept beehives and harvested honey for ourselves and to trade for meat and eggs with others in the community.

My early experience with herbal healing came as a result of my parents' skepticism with western medications. They preferred remedies they could find around the property treating colds, flu, and infections with herbal teas, plant- and honey-based poultices and other herbal-based treatments.

Because herbalism was not a viable educational option in Germany, I chose an education in Physics where graduate school brought me to the US, studying Space Physics at the University of Alaska. This led to a job opportunity in Silicon Valley in 2012, and my husband and I choose to reside in the beautiful community of Santa Cruz. While going through some minor health issues I searched for alternative medicine and landed on the homepage of Darren Huckle, who was offering classes with British Herbalist Paula Grainger. These two amazing teachers introduced me to the magical world of herbs and I knew immediately that I wanted to educate myself further. The East West School of Planetary Herbology was based right at my backdoor in the Santa Cruz area, and I've never enjoyed an educational experience more than I have here.

East West has enlightened my life and my view of health and well being. Though I now live back in the great wide state of Alaska, I feel privileged that I had the opportunity to learn so much through the personal interactions and seminars which I was able to attend in person while living in the Santa Cruz area. When I am not studying herbs and making herbal products I enjoy my other work as a personal trainer and I spend time practicing martial arts, hiking with my dogs, fishing, and enjoying the myriad outdoor activities that Alaska has to offer.


Growing up on the outskirts of Salt Lake City, UT (yep, I’m a Mormon) my family grew and preserved much of our own food and enjoyed the great outdoors.  Outside of school I studied many types of dance and spent my free time hiking, biking and climbing all over the magnificent state of Utah. 
I graduated from the University of Utah in the field of Mass Communications and Public Relations with an emphasis in Special Populations and research and soon after, I married the love of my life. Over the past 18 years his work has moved our family to Boston, MA, Falls Church, VA, Salt Lake City, UT,  St Petersburg, FL and now to San Jose, CA. Our four children, ages 10-16, are my favorite full time job. 
In addition to being a mom, I have taught tap, jazz and ballet classes for the past 20 years, as well as worked in public relations and special events for many non-profit and government organizations. Most recently I worked as of one of the Program Directors of the YMCA’S Diabetes Prevention Program where I worked with insurance companies, physicians and hundreds of individuals to help stem the tide of pre-diabetes through facilitated support groups, physical activity and dietary changes. 
My love for herbs and natural healing go hand in hand with my love of gardening, my love for my family and my religious beliefs. One by one each of our children has experienced significant health challenges that Western medicine couldn't resolve. When a wise friend introduced me to Nourishing Traditions, I began to seriously study western herbs and traditional diets which finally lead to positive changes in our family’s health. 
When the East West School crossed my path I somehow knew I had finally found what has been calling me my entire life. I am ecstatic to be studying with Michael and Lesley and the other students here in the Greater Bay Area and am amazed at the depth of knowledge the program instills. I am overwhelmed by the compassion that TCM allows us to offer our clients, particularly that everything matters in TCM and no complaint is too small to address as part of bringing the body into balance. Working with our local group in the Santa Cruz Free Clinic has been life-changing. Many of our clients are blown away with the details we ask and the genuine interest we can offer for their well-being. I can’t help but want to offer the same thing to everyone I know and everyone I meet.
I am working feverishly to finish the program and become a certified clinical herbalist. I would love to open a small herb shop and offer consultations and education to my community. My website www.vintageapotheca.com will be up and running soon!

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