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dodanielOriginally from Memphis, Tennessee, I grew up coast to coast and in between. Those experiences fed my wanderlust and set the stage for life on the move. In many ways it was fragmented, but, in retrospect, the education has been priceless.

I explored the performing arts for much of my young adult life, but eventually returned to school for a degree in nursing (UMass/Boston). I've practiced nursing for 20 years in the areas of HIV/AIDS, oncology, cardiology, elder care, and critical care and did some graduate study. After nearly 30 years of urban life, the last 15 in Miami, it was time for change. Over five years ago, I moved to a small farm in Northeast Tennessee (Appalachia) to nurture my lifelong interest in gardening and to provide a home for animals.

I've always had an interest in alternative health, but didn't pursue it. But then something happened as I studied organics and connected to the land. My life began to heal. Herbs came into the picture with the animals in my care. I looked for non-chemical wormers and from there, began to study herbs. As I read and took courses I found myself re-evaluating my take on health and healing. After much searching, and reading Planetary Herbology by Michael Tierra, I enrolled in the East West School of Planetary Herbology in January 2011. It was an excellent decision. In this school I found a community and a system for understanding how to use herbs for more than symptom management or as a replacement for pharmaceuticals. I am new to the program and realize that I have only begun to scratch the surface on the way to understanding the practice of herbalism and the body's inherent ability to heal itself.

Life is becoming my hobby. I still play in the arts, but I am very busy most of the time with my old house, the farm, animals, a job in a small ER, my studies, and protecting my garden from marauders (without harming them). My goal is to create a more sustainable life including the healing arts and to provide services to that end.

My website is a work in progress: www.goatberryhill.com

markdieveMy path towards herbalism began via a long and winding road as a small child in 1970s Ann Arbor, Michigan. This international-college-town microcosm of diversity, hope and idealism would form the roots of my worldview that I have relied on as my touchstone throughout the decades. In my 20s, I moved to New York City to live a corporate ethic of work hard/play hard. This brought on the collapse of my health and a radical shift in how I chose to live my life and health, literally overnight.

This experience made so apparent to me was how easily we disconnect our true selves from our projected selves, most often resulting in degenerative health. My family and I have now committed ourselves to demystifying and eliminating confusion from the world around us by rolling back various aspects of our household to tried-and-true times, re-approaching each product/task with the benefit of hindsight to learn from our modern mistakes. Our main goals are to eliminate toxins, waste, and health imbalances; and to keep our child as unpolluted as possible from the epidemics of 'moderinitis.'

My approach to herbalism has been to absorb as many traditions/lessons as possible (Western, Native American, Ayurveda, TCM, etc.) as a humble student of the dynamic relationships of organisms as 'phenomena' and their essence. I don't believe these lessons would even be possible without the techniques of systemic thinking to help identify the components, forces, and relationships that exist, constructing a more holistic picture.

I've been in the East West School's herbal program for the past couple years, as well as in graduate school to attain my MBA in Sustainable Enterprise, and I had my first child, all at the same time. These past three years have been intensive as a student for continual improvement, in so many respects. I also signed on to East West alumna Candis Cantin's Ayurveda course, which I just completed in February 2011. There are so many elders I respect as well and whose books I cherish.

To build on my experiences and successes, using herbalism to heal conditions from a modern lifestyle, in my family and my community, my wife and I are launching a site. It will be more than just a shingle on the door, and we hope to grow it into a source of information and education to help advocate complementary and alternative medicine policy in the home, community, and beyond.

Jerry and Nancy Angelini are brother and sister students of the East West Herb Course. Jerry just became our new office manager at the East West Acupuncture Clinic, while his sister Nancy is the East Coast sales trainer for Planetary Formulas. What a dynamic duo!


NangeliniNancy Angelini

As a very popular and sought-after educator in the natural products industry, Nancy captivates audiences nationwide with her informative, science-based seminars and trainings. Nancy is well known and highly respected for her ability to convey the comprehensive science behind the health concerns and products she speaks about. She comes by this ability quite naturally, being the daughter of a Ph.D working as an analytical food chemist in research and development, who raised her from an early age to 'read the studies and find out for yourself.' Nancy has demonstrated this ability time and again in over 1,500 educational lectures, both large and small, during her 14 years as an educator for some of the industry's most respected brands.

After joining Source Naturals and Planetary Herbals as a national science educator in 2010, Nancy was introduced to the East West School of Planetary Herbology by Thomas Dadant, long-time student and friend of Michael Tierra, O.M.D. She decided that it would be absolutely critical to digest and practice herbalism in the style of Michael and Lesley Tierra. As a former student of Rosemary Gladstar and a perennial student of natural health and healing, Nancy finds students and teachers alike to be her long lost kindred spirits.

So taken with the East West School's students, syllabus, classes, website and text books, Nancy entreated her brother Jerry to be a part of this family. Nancy's hobbies, aspirations, goals and interest all revolve around the love of plants, foods and nutraceuticals as a safer and more natural path to wellness.

jangeliniJerry Angelini

The fourth of eight children (and the only boy), I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts outside of Boston. My childhood was spent working on our small family-owned and operated produce farm. We grew and continue to grow raspberries, blueberries, tomatoes, and other vegetables. We are currently in the process of introducing elderberry trees and other perennials to the farm to shift the land toward organic herb harvesting and medicinal preparations.

I graduated from undergraduate and graduate programs at Boston University and continue my education in various aspects of health and wellness to this day.

I have worked in a number of areas of health and wellness. I began as a psychotherapist and integrated bodywork into my practice. This grew to include diet, nutrition, Western herbs and aromatherapy as modalities to support a holistic approach to regaining balance and health. Energetic techniques including Reiki, channel massage, Jin Shin Jyutsu and more recently, Thai massage and medical Qi Gong address the subtle and sometimes not so subtle interaction of the Holographic Universe and our relationship to it. In addition to these, the study of spiritual practices including Native American pipe ceremony, sweat lodge and other shamanic practices, Buddhist meditation and Vedic mantra and astrology have interwoven themselves at various times to support the daily shift of my and my clients' connection to and movement through the world. 

I think that each herbal tradition has a rich language of assessment and treatment. Since I started in June 2010, this course has been providing me with a more intimate understanding of the Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic terminology associated with them. So much of our American approach to health restricts the layperson from taking responsibility for and owning their personal wisdom and path toward health. I believe this has led to current epidemics including cancer, obesity, emotional dysfunction and the general state of stress and dis-ease rampant in our culture. In learning a language that allows us to intuitively recognize how we are feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually, we can then take basic and more complicated steps towards the rectification of our interaction with ourselves and our environment.

suzannerobertsonI was born in Winnemucca, Nevada, to young parents. For many years I lived with my grandparents in a wonderful country home. My grandmother was a farm girl so she baked, canned, sewed, embroidered and crocheted. I was lucky to learn these at a young age. My grandfather was Italian and he grew the biggest red onions and tomatoes that I still haven't seen equaled. In the summer I would hike up the mountain, barefoot and carefree, even becoming lost at times but always finding my way home. (I would never let my children or grandchildren do that today!)

As I grew up and then had children of my own, I carried all these memories and crafts I had learned with me though they slowly became lost with life and kids and work. I had five children and 21 grandchildren by the time I found my way to Pacific Botanicals where I have worked for five years now. Here is where I started on my path to learning about herbs and ended up learning more about myself. I have taken Paul Bergner's distance learning class and attended the great weekend seminars at Sheryl Tilgner's farm and Herb Pharm. When I decided to take a course to become a herbalist I chose East West after looking at many other courses. This also led me to Lesley Tierra's Radiance Quest that has been the springboard to finding my strengths and overcoming my weaknesses.

Last year I decided to start my own business making student herb kits and starting a website. There have been many starts and stops but plan to have all together in February. I would like to eventually expand to other schools creating different kits for their needs.

My greatest wish is to bring the wonderful world of herbs and a greater self-understanding to my family and others and becoming the most wonderful grandmother to a whole new generation of little herbies.


rachelhull2I grew up in Perth in Western Australia, where the countryside is very dry. As a child I did not feel connected to the earth there as I didn't relate to it and it seemed very harsh. When I moved to the eastern side of Australia, I felt much more of a connection with the land, possibly because it was a lot greener and more sub-tropical. 

After leaving Australian 51/2 years ago, my husband and I lived in Shanghai, China for 16 months, and then moved here to Bali, Indonesia. I have one son who is 23 years old, and still living in Australia.

We contracted land here and have planted 300 types of medicinal herbs. As most of them are from Indonesia, my next challenge is to become familiar with them and learn what they are used for, and get my language skills stronger so I can seek out local herbal wisdom. We also plan to build a house on our land next year, followed by a yoga studio later.

I am a yoga teacher by profession, and run yoga trainings and retreats. Next year I am excited to organise a yoga and herbal medicine retreat here in Bali, where I am bringing over an herbalist from Australia (western and Ayurvedic). In this way I can study more as well as create an event that I am passionate about that I hope will be lots of fun. 

Ten years ago, I studied Ayurveda for two years with an Ayurvedic doctor and I really want to become a practicing herbalist.  It has been a bit challenging because I have been feeling '˜between countries' and not sure where to start, but I decided to just start studying, put the plants in the ground and see where it all leads.

I officially started with East West Herb Course two years ago, but I really started working on the lessons over the past year.

Herbal medicine and making products seems to be my most enjoyable hobby right now. I also love reading and being around interesting people from all over the world.

My website is: www.shaktispirit.com.

terrieschultzI grew up in Sacramento, California. I've always loved nature, and spent most of my childhood outside, sitting in trees and reading.  I lived for many years in the Bay Area, and now live with my husband on 50 acres in the Sierra Nevada foothills.  We have two daughters in college.

I am fascinated by science, and earned a BS in Biochemistry from UC Davis and an MA in Cell and Molecular Biology from San Francisco State.  During my career in the biomedical field, I did research on a range of diseases including cancer, HIV, and hepatitis.  Following that, I taught middle school physical and earth science, as well as other subjects.

I am strongly drawn to herbal medicine, and have been using healing herbs for various ailments for a long time. Desiring to deepen my knowledge of herbalism, I enrolled in the East West course in June 2008.  Last year I took an 8-month herbal intensive course at the Sierra Institute of Herbal Studies, which was invaluable for learning about the medicinal plants that are literally growing in my backyard.

Roy Upton's class on good manufacturing practices (GMPs) at the 2010 East West Herbal Seminar struck a chord in me.  He spoke about writing standard operating procedures (SOPs) for herbal preparations; I had written countless SOPs during my career in medical research. I liked working at the bench, and I love making things with herbs. This led me to the idea of starting a company making herbal products, which I have just launched in early October. It is called Mountain Balm Herbals, and the website is still under construction.

Another of my great loves is writing, and I feel that it is a good vehicle to share my knowledge about herbalism with a wider audience who may not be familiar with many of the benefits of healing herbs. I write online articles about various aspects of herbal medicine, and I particularly love it when I get comments that say, 'I never heard of this before; I'm going to try it!'

Some of my other interests include traveling, hiking, camping, quilting, and writing fiction. I've had a few short stories published and I am working on a novel.

My experience as an East West student has given me the opportunity to meet many
remarkable, inspiring people, and has really opened me up to the different facets of herbalism.

I don't know where my herbal journey will lead me, but I am definitely enjoying the experience!

asanteCuban by birth, Guyanese by descent, living in Trinidad and Tobago, I am a simple, down to earth person who loves life. My hobbies include travelling, cooking, reading, listening to music and dancing. I love all types of music and to dance. Married and a mother of five (three stepsons and two daughters), my life is anything but boring! I have always wanted to be a doctor, to be able to alleviate suffering when possible. I have a BSc in Biology (University of Western Ontario) and Medical Degree ISCMH, Havana, Cuba.

I was always very attached to my grandparents; my grandmother always believed in Chinese medicine and we also grew up in the country and were exposed to a lot of our ancestral remedies (bush medicine). While studying in Cuba I realized that being a doctor meant more than dispensing drugs; it meant connecting to patients on a spiritual level and colloquial level, to determine what was indeed right for their healing. I felt as though I needed to find out more about the complementary branch of medicine, the herbal aspect, so with a lot of coaxing from my husband I did a laborious internet search for an herbal medicine school, I put questions out there, and most answers pointed me into the direction of East West. Then I called Jill at the school, and as they say, the rest was history: I signed up in 2007. I am currently in the advanced track of the East West course, and if I can finish all the coursework I will be at the herbal seminar next year, which is really a lovely intense retreat/treat.

I am a medical doctor by profession but decided that my patients would benefit a lot more from the combination of the two branches of medicine East and West. I just recently opened my practice and have been combining the two with a lot of success. The journey is enjoyable. My goal is to help patients with chronic ailments return to a happy, healthy lifestyle combining the Eastern and Western branches of medicine, at the same time empowering them to take charge of their health and to achieve that balance of body, mind and soul '“ HEALTH.

salliedixonFor my first nine years, I lived just outside Xenia, a small town in southwestern Ohio where my brother and I roamed freely through yards, pastures and weed fields with only our imaginations to entertain us. My mother baked bread and made us eat lots of vegetables. Our doctor made house calls with his "little black bag" - and always looked at our tongues. Family vacations were always camping back when bath houses were a novelty in the national parks.

In the early '˜60s we moved to the Florida 'Space Coast' where the beaches were still pristine and the only recreation! It was an exciting place and time, being part of the community on the frontier of space exploration. My high school had an outstanding science program which exposed me to some of the cutting edge research in molecular biology of the day. That exposure showed me how little was truly understood about how the body functions, and together with the '˜60s philosophy of questioning the status quo, formed my distrust of western medicine.

I moved to Tallahassee to attend Florida State University, ended up with a degree in Finance, and settled into life here. I developed a passion for Dressage, that most elegant of horse sports, requiring thousands of hours of dedicated, hard sweaty work to master. Today, my horses are in my pasture out my back door for the comfort being close to them brings and for the day I will take up riding again. In addition to the horses, I live with my partner Earl, daughter Jennifer, three dogs and two cats.

My herbal journey began when I became really sick in Jan 2007. It was some viral thing but I did not fully recover and fell ill again (a new experience for me).  Listening to my intuition, I called a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner recommended by a friend. She recommended herbs to me, first to support my recovery and then tonics to treat deficiencies, but tea pills had little effect so I moved to decoctions. I was fascinated. My TCM practitioner remarked one day that I had an intuitive feel for the herbs. I began to look into ways to learn more and found the East West School. It was the program which spoke most strongly to my heart.

Previously, I had set the intent to find something to supplement my income which could generate positive energy when I become eligible to retire from my present job in a few years. I believe that intention has been given direction. My aspiration is to complete the Professional Herbalist Course, open a practice and see what comes next. I am humbled, excited and grateful for all the love, guidance, support and direction I have received here at East West from all the instructors and my fellow classmates; and for the vistas this course has opened in my life.

kdarnellI was born Arvella Louise Harris in Richmond, Virginia, but was renamed after adoption. I live in Hubbard, Oregon, population 2800, halfway between Salem and Portland. I've been married to my husband, David, for 23 years; he's a pro musician, electrical contractor and classic Mopar enthusiast. We have four kids, one grandson, and dogs, birds, water frogs (two each). We have a small yard with lots of herbs and vegetables. My civic jobs include City Budget Committee member and a 'yes for backyard chickens' organizer. I have enjoyed the privilege of staying at home with kids, pets and yard for 12 years (home schooling for eight). Before that I was a copy editor, paginator, circulation manager and classified ad sales rep for the local newspaper. I have a Porsche 928 that I love to drive fast, but I like other things, too, like photographing plants, gardening, swimming, reading, cooking, reading about cooking, reading while cooking, and making big pots of stinky, bubbling Chinese decoctions.

I desired to be a doctor since childhood but never got there '“ which is good because I couldn't practice a system devoid of Spirit. I began training at North American Institute of Medical Herbalism in May of 2008 as a reward for being smoke-free for over one year. That July I enrolled at East West as the next step to a certificate, but didn't start the coursework until finishing my NAIMH course in October 2008. I also completed hpathy.org's Intro Homeopathic Course last year.

My professional goal is to have a small practice specializing in substance recovery and 'black water tea' therapy. I'm hoping to travel to the Orient for some training and look forward to learning shiatsu and reflexology as adjunct bodywork modalities because bringing comfort through the power of touch resonates with me. I have 16 clients and a little office in a modern, gated RV storage area, adjoining David's custom car shop '“ not ideal, but it does have the advantage of being clean, private, and less than a mile from home. It's right where I'm supposed to be at this point in time.

I extend warm 'thanks' all who have helped me cultivate this calling, or seed, that has dogged me forever to uncover and water. It is an honor to care for people in this capacity.

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