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thomas-headshot2I am a clinical herbalist and holistic health consultant and have been part of the Goldthread team for the past four years. I started as a student of William Siff's and transitioned to Goldthread's operations manager, herbalist and chief medicine maker. I am currently focusing primarily on his studies under William's mentorship; I completed the Goldthread Farm to Pharmacy and Clinical Herbalist programs and also have studied at schools of esteemed herbalists Michael Tierra and Paul Bergner for the past two years, and under Lonny Jarrett for pulse diagnosis and clinical intake. My love of herbs stems from his childhood spent on a family farm and many hours spent outdoors exploring the woods.

My career education began with my family on farm and construction sites, where I developed a vast knowledge of building from blueprints to finished structures. I studied mechanical engineering in college, and subsequently worked for 10 years as a flight mechanic. I followed my passion for the herbal lifestyle, leaving the flight mechanic job for Goldthread's greener pastures.

I am a certified yoga teacher, having completed my Iyengar training under Eileen Muir, and I am also a certified Qigong Teacher under Dr. Yang Jing Ming. Other passions include martial arts, which I have practiced for 18 years, and wilderness and survival training.

I hope to be a great clinical herbalist and teacher of herbalism who can help many people. I just started my clinical practice a month ago and find great teachings everywhere I turn. Come and follow me on Facebook, I have tons of great info and events.

Thomas P Schieffer @ vital-herbalist.com 

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