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"It's a transformational life experience disguised as an herbal seminar."
– Miles Coleman, E.W.C.H.

You can look forward to a powerful learning, nourishing and healing experience on all levels at our East West Herbal Seminar we hold each year in the beautiful redwood setting of our rustic retreat center in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Please join us and look forward to being transformed.

Dear Friends,

The theme of our 2015 seminar centers around using western herbs in an energetic system. To this end, we have two great guest teachers coming: Larken Bunce and Brian Weissbuch, both of whom are adept at applying western herbs in a traditional Chinese energetic model. 

The East West Seminars are completely and absolutely AMAZING. Each year I have attended, it only gets better. I have formed life-long friendships with fellow students each year. Many of us are now reflecting on our wonderful transformations after calling each other "colleagues". I assure you, you will never meet a more extraordinary group than those guided to the seminars each year. The class work itself is intense, and takes months to completely absorb. Then there is the food, amazing. The atmosphere fosters healing, nurturing, learning, and friendships as the giant redwoods open up to share and guide your experiences.
-- Nicholas Schnell "Spirit Bear"

As well this year - and call us crazy if you want - we've added a fifth track to our seminar in response to your requests for offering more medicine making and meridian therapies! To do so we're involving several new teachers, including our own graduates Holly Hutton, Kristi Shapla, and Jerry Angelini. For guidance on deciding if you should take this track click here. The fifth track, open to everyone encompasses many aspects of medicine making, preparations, meridian therapies, and their tools. 

We also welcome back our fabulous East West faculty: Susan Kramer, Miles Coleman, Candis Cantin, Raqib Katz, Mariposa Bernstein, Jen Grady and Darren Huckle, who join us (Michael & Lesley) in teaching to our four information-packed foundation, intermediate, advanced, and practitioner tracks. 

Read more about our seminar teachers: BIO'S

Along with delicious meals by herbalist and chef Ben Zappin, mornings start with Qi Gong from 7-8, followed by breakfast and then class from 9:30-12:30, lunch, class from 2:30-5:30, dinner and more class from 7:30-9:30.

Add the beautiful redwood setting of our rustic retreat center and our annual Product Contest &Herbalists Party and you can look forward to a powerful learning, nourishing and healing experience on all levels!

Classes for ALL five tracks: Morning Qi Gong; Herbalist as Emissary: Planetary Practice from a Western Herbalist's Perspective (Larken Bunce). Western Herbs in a TCM System (Brian Weissbuch), Planetary Herbology (Michael Tierra).

Michael & Lesley 

Foundation Track 

This track is open to everyone: beginning herbal students, or those who have previously studied herbal medicine. Hands-on practice and interaction is emphasized. Required reading is: Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine, Vol. I and The Way of Herbs. For more background preparation read Lessons 1-12 of the East West Herb Course and Healing with the Herbs of Life. Pay Deposit online. Beds onsite full. Onsite camping or offsite lodging still available.

East West Herbal Seminar class


  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory
  • energy of illness and herbs
  • Ayurveda
  • five element theory
  • tongue and pulse diagnosis.
  • medicine making
  • garden herb walk
  • barefoot doctor techniques
  • 15 herbs to begin your pharmacy
  • simple clinical remedies
  • diagnosis and case studies
It's a transformational life experience disguised as an herbal seminar.
-- Miles Coleman, E.W.C.H.


Intermediate Track

This track is open to East West students who have previously attended the Foundation Track of the East West Seminar, and have completed at least through Lesson 24 of the East West Herb Course, preferably completion through Lesson 30, so at least read those lessons after 24 and through 30 for eligibility to attend this track. Hands-on practice and interaction are emphasized. Required reading is: Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine, Vol. I & II and Planetary Herbology. Preparation: Lessons 13-30 (complete as many of them as possible) of the East West Herb Course, know the "10 Questions"; Theory, Herbs and Formulas from Vol. I & II; Materia Medica from Planetary Herbology, specifically pages 119-143; Healing with the Herbs of Life, Chapter 8; be familiar with creating a TCM diagnosis & treatment strategy. Pay deposit online. Beds onsite full. Onsite camping or offsite lodging still available.


  • diagnosis and treatment strategies
  • case studies
  • setting up an herbal practice
  • materia medica: Western, Chinese & Ayurvedic
  • useful clinical formulas
  • the five stagnations and abdominal diagnosis
  • wild herb walk
  • advanced tongue and pulse diagnosis
  • student clinic


Advanced Track

I especially looked forward each year to the week-long seminar held deep in the Redwood forest. It was a magical and restful time for me, even though it was challenging for my mind. The camaraderie between the herbalists, the patience and sensitivity of the teachers, great food and serene surroundings are all blessings I still hold dear and will never forget. Pay deposit online. 
-- Jill Ruttenberg, herbalist and mentor

This program is limited to qualifying East West students who have attended both the Foundation and Intermediate tracks, completed the The East West 36 Lesson Herb Course (with Lesson 33 submitted for review no later than Feb. 1, 2015), and are ready to practice clinical planetary herbalism. When applying, include a biography and outline of previous clinical experience with your registration. In addition to completing the East West Herb Course prior to attending the Advanced Track of the Seminar we also recommend studying Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine, Vol II, Way of Herbs, Way of Chinese Herbs & Way of Ayurvedic Herbs; Healing with the Herbs of Life (especially Chapter 8). Be familiar with the patterns of disease and the major formulas used for those patterns. Bring your own case study files with you to the seminar. 


  • differential diagnosis and case studies
  • clinical practice with eight professional practitioners
  • student clinic
  • ear seeding therapy
  • medicine making and western herb walk
  • Ayurvedic panchakarma: shirodara


NEW TRACK 5 IN 2015: Medicine Making and Meridian Therapy  - click HERE to find out if this track is for you. NOTE: This track is now FULL, registration closed.

This track is open to everyone, however, class size is limited. It includes classes with Larken Bunce and Brian Weissbuch and the following topics. Registration for this track is closed, class is full to capacity.


  • Channnel massage and meridian pathways
  • Location and detail of the 12 acupuncture meridians
  • Hand and foot reflexology
  • Barefoot doctor techniques, including magnets
  • decoctions and preservation
  • Svarasa, churna, avaleha, draksharishta, and oils
  • Tinctures: the percolation method
  • GMP regulations
  • Extracts, electuaries and oxymels
  • Beers & meads
  • Ear seeding
  • Herb Walk
  • Steams, flower essences, poultices, compresses


Please visit our Practitioner page  for more information on our Practitioner Seminar April 25-26 (&27), 2015

Seminar Details

The East West Herbal seminar begins begins Friday, April 24, registration from 4-6 p.m.; ends Friday, May 1st at 2 p.m.

Those coming from a distance often find it best to travel to the area a day or so before the seminar starts and/or plan to stay nearby for a day or two afterwards. The nearest airport is the San Jose International airport, approximately one hour from the seminar location. A schedule for the seminar, including maps and directions and all pertinent information is sent upon registration.

Seminar & Accommodation Fees:

Herbal Seminar (Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced, Medicine Making/Meridian Therapy): $975 plus accommodations.  Early-bird discount - register with deposit by 1/31/15 and cost is $875 plus accommodations. Space is limited. To reserve your place, send a $250 non-refundable deposit, payable with credit card, check or money order. Call: 800-717-5010 to pay the deposit. The balance (seminar tuition plus accommodation fee, less deposit paid) is payable anytime between initial registration and arrival at the seminar.

Register and pay deposit online here.

Accommodation / Facility Fee options – choose only one:

  1. Room and board at the Quaker Center (double occupancy, 7 days & 21 meals*): $595 
  2. Camping and board at the Quaker Center (7 days & 21 meals*): $475  
  3. Commuters faciliity use fee (not staying at the Quaker Center), 7 days & 12 meals: $285
  4. Commuters facility use fee (not staying at the Quaker Center), 7 days with no meals: $125

*Meals provided: dinner on April 24, breakfast, lunch and dinner April 25-30, breakfast and lunch on May 1, 2015)

More on Accommodations: The seminar is held at the Quaker Center in Ben Lomond, California, a beautiful and rustic retreat center among the Redwoods ( ). The cabin rooms are shared, double occupancy rooms, with a bathroom shared among each 2-3 rooms. There is also a dorm room option (8 beds) available at the camping rate. There is a hotel 1.5 miles from the center where participants who prefer a single room can stay. If staying offsite you will need a car to get to and from the seminar. Meals are traditional Chinese with meat and herbs incorporated into many dishes, vegetarian option is also available. Participation and a sense of community are all a part of the retreat center ambiance and the sharing of clean up after meals and the center is requested one to two times during the week. In addition we also have work-trade positions available, if you are interested in being on the kitchen clean-up crew in trade for a tuition reduction please contact us asap.

For further information or to register: 800-717-5010 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Register online here

Cancellations prior to 3/25/15 are refunded all fees paid less the $250 non-refundable deposit. Cancellations after 3/25/15 are refunded fees paid less the $250 deposit plus $150 cancellation fee. 


 2015 seminar sponsor contributors by our friends at Mountain Rose Herbs! and Mayway!


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